Ryan Seacrest Emmy Interview

Chit Chat Gal Gets The Scoop On The Emmys From Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest Emmy Photo
Chit Chat Gal got a chance to speak with Ryan Seacrest about the upcoming Emmy Awards. The Emmy's air on FOX Sunday September 16th starting at 8:00PM EST.
How will you make the Emmy's your own show? Anything up your sleeve that you can tell us about?


We are opening the show up with a musical number and it will be nothing like what has been done in the past and of course I am sure I will even be taking a few shots at myself.


Will you be performing in the number by yourself, with others or just coming out at the end?


As you know I clearly have tons of training and a background in musical theatre [laughing] so I don't think that an answer is neccessary [laughing more].  I cannot say yes or no what I will or won't be doing because we haven't figured it all out yet we are still in the beginning stages of planning the show.


Are you writing your own material or getting some help?


There are always writers on these types of shows. When I agreed to do the show I sat down with the writers and said 'look I don't do monologues or write jokes so I am going to need your help' and I think the writers are taking a different approach this year since I am a different type of host, but I am going to be giving my input as well.


Are you still going to be doing both the E! Red Carpet and host the Emmys this year and how are you going to handle it all?


I am producing and hosting the Red Carpet show on E! and hosting the Emmy's this year and actually since it is on a weekend doing the show on Sunday will feel like a half day of work. Normally I have so much going on and this is a lot less than what I do on a normal work day so I am not worried about it at all.


In 2006 you won a Daytime Emmy for the Walt Disney Parade, did you actually get to keep one for yourself and what would you tell a nominee to prepare them?


Wow, looks like you did your research. Yes I did get to keep an Emmy for myself and it actually looks and feels exactly like a Primetime Emmy. I would just tell the nominees be patient, and have fun with it all.  Also I can say I am the only "cast member" on American Idol to win an Emmy so far. [joking]


Do you think that since you are hosting the Emmy's this year American Idol might have a better chance of winning this year?


I hope so. I think this year American Idol did this great job of raising all that money for the United States and Africa so hopefully that will play a part in the voting and they do win this year.


You are such a busy guy between, E! News, E! Red Carpet Shows, American Idol, KIIS morning show, and the Top 40 Show when do you find time to sleep?


I actually go home every night and eat whatever take out it is that night and usually chill for an hour or so and than go to bed. I usually go to bed around 8:30pm every night and get up around 4:30 am so I get a lot of sleep.


What is a day in the life of Ryan Secrest like during AI season?


1) Get up about 4:30 am

2) Get to the E! Studios around 5 am and do my KIIS morning show (E! built a radio studio just so Ryan can be on-site)

3) 8 am do the E! News Promo recordings during the big commercial breaks

4) 9:58 am sign off from the morning show and go do my E! News voiceovers for the day

5) 11am E! News meeting

6) Around lunchtime I do the recording of the E! News

7) During AI I would then head to the set once we are done

8) Do the walk thru, and get ready for the show

9) 5 pm AI Live for the East Coast

10) 6 pm take my make-up off

11) 7 pm get home

12) catch up on some TV

13) bed around 8:30 pm


With your radio show, E!, and American Idol you have had the chance to meet and work with almost every celebrity. Is there anyone you have yet to meet that you hope to meet sometime soon?


I have yet to meet David and Victoria Beckham.  And it is actually kind of funny when I am in the moment where I have not met someone and I am doing the interview I am having this moment that everyone sees where I am interviewing the person. Sometimes when it is someone new I am meeting I have this self conversation in my brain like 'they are shorter in person, or look a lot older' and so that is sometimes funny having both of those going on at the same time.


Does any celebrity intimidate you?


Not really. After doing radio for 15 years and 5 hours a day I have found that anyone I meet celebrity or not I can usually talk to them for at least a few minutes with no problems so no I am never worried about meeting someone new.  I am really just comfortable talking to people.


Are there any wacky jobs you have been asked to do?


I actually get at least 3 requests for Bar Mitzvah greetings every day.


Do you fear that doing all of these jobs like New Years Eve, Super Bowl, E!, your radio show, the Emmys that you are overextending yourself or doing too much?


No, I am strategic in what I choose to do. Yes sometimes you fear "am I saying no to the wrong thing or will what I decided to do not work" but I think for the most part I pick what feels right and what I will do best at and so far it has worked out well.


What are some of your favorite shows, do you actually have time to watch TV and ones you hope might win one or two Emmys?


Thanks to the DVR I do watch TV and also since I work at E! they often have stuff before hand that I can watch.  But, I like the Office, Desperate Housewives, 30 Rock cracks me up, Heroes, and of course the American Idol Results show is a favorite.