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Ruling In Favor Of Jimmy Smits OUTLAW

Outlaw NBC Jimmy Smits

Photo : NBC

After watching the pilot, I’m very confident that Jimmy Smits and NBC have another hit on their hands.


After watching the pilot, I’m very confident that Jimmy Smits and NBC have another hit on their hands.

Smits, who first made a name for himself as Victor Sifuentes on L.A. LAW, returns to the Peacock as Cyrus Garza, a gambling, womanizing, conservative Supreme Court Justice that suddenly decides to quit and prove the innocence of a man scheduled to be executed. Garza and his associates plan to fix the flawed justice system he loves one case at a time.

While it’d be easy for the writers to simply make a cut-and-dry law-based procedural, they made the smart decision to weave in some intrigue, political and otherwise. A Senator none too pleased with Garza’s departure tells him he’s “on his own,” which ends up being an ominous promise by the end of the episode. While these mysteries will no doubt become important as the show goes on, they’re balanced well with introducing the general structure of the show. My only issue with the pilot was the first ten or so minutes was packed with a lot of information, so much that it felt a little unnatural but it passes quickly.

Outlaw NBC Jimmy Smits

Photo : NBC

Of course the most important aspect of OUTLAW is the cast, which luckily has great chemistry – David Ramsay (DEXTER, PAY IT FORWARD) plays Al Druzinsky, Cyrus’ best friend since childhood and the lawyer representing the pilot’s client; Jesse Bradford (HACKERS, BRING IT ON, W) plays Eddie Franks, Garza’s straight-laced law clerk who initially intends on leaving to assist another Justice; Mereta Stockman (CRASH, CALIFORNICATION) plays Ellen Woglom, Garza’s optomistic, loyal, green law clerk; and Carly Pope (POPULAR, ORANGE COUNTY, 24) plays Lucinda Pearl, a rebellious, resourceful private eye that helps with
information gathering.

Ramsey and Smits play off each other very well and I particularly enjoy how Pope’s Lucinda goes out of her way to make Bradford’s Eddie uncomfortable or agitated. Stockman also deserves kudos for playing Ellen’s bright-eyed eagerness at just the right pitch – she’s both believeable and charming. And bonus points for Al’s oldest daughter constantly voicing her disdain for Garza’s past track record with loving pet names like “facist.” Al and Cyrus’ reactions are priceless.

All that being said, OUTLAW lives and dies with Smits and, like on L.A. LAW, NYPD BLUE, THE WEST WING, and DEXTER before this, his intangible magic is definitely at work again.

Outlaw Series Premiere : Wednesday, September 15th : 10/9c on NBC

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