ROCK BAND Now Available on App Store

Rock Band iPhone

EA Mobile, a division of EA, and Harmonix and MTV Games, a part of Viacom’s MTV Networks, today announced the availability of ROCK BAND on the App Store. ROCK BAND allows players to enjoy a full-band multiplayer experience on iPhone and iPod touch and the game launches with 20 full-length songs, with additional songs available for purchase via the In App Purchase feature.

“Fans of ROCK BAND are going to be blown away when they play this iconic franchise on their iPhone or iPod touch for the first time, and see how we’ve utilized new 3.0 OS features for this game,” said Travis Boatman, VP Worldwide Publishing for EA Mobile. “Not only are we delivering on a finely tuned ROCK BAND experience, we’re innovating with four-player Bluetooth Multiplayer, and even allowing players to connect on Facebook to form a band with friends. We’re also taking advantage of In App Purchasing, so players can add music to the game as downloadable content. We really feel that this feature line up for the iPhone and iPod touch has allowed us to create a true social gaming experience that delivers on the awesomeness of ROCK BAND.”

Alex Rigopulos, CEO and Co-Founder of Harmonix, added: “We’re always looking for new ways to let our audience engage with music. The iPhone and iPod touch have become such a central fixture in people’s musical lives, so naturally we wanted to extend the ROCK BAND play experience to these platforms. We’re really pleased with how the game came out, and we think this is a version of ROCK BAND that people will thoroughly enjoy.”

In ROCK BAND, players can jam solo or push it to the limit with live Bluetooth multiplayer. Over Bluetooth, play with up to four people, earn unison bonuses, and save friends that drop out by activating overdrive. Rock out on guitar, bass, mic and drums to MP3-quality songs on easy, medium or difficult. Jump into Quickplay for casual sessions or take it on the road in Tour Mode. If no one is in Bluetooth range to form a band, sync up via Facebook with friends around the world. Use the in-game message center to communicate with Facebook friends from within the game.

Enjoy playing along to 20 legendary songs from well-known artists such as Smashing Pumpkins, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Foo Fighters, Blink-182, and The Beastie Boys. Also use the In App Purchase feature to purchase additional tracks from OK Go, Lenny Kravitz, Social Distortion, Devo, and many more popular bands. Start out playing in grungy dives and work all the way up to stadium-rock stardom, collecting rewards and achievements that provide replay value and depth to even the most experienced ROCK BAND veterans.

ROCK BAND is available in English in the US, Canada, UK, Italy, Germany, Spain, Australia & New Zealand from the App Store on iPhone and iPod touch. The game will soon be available globally in additional languages.

For information on pricing for all EA Mobile games, visit EA Mobile. Follow EA Mobile on Twitter at eamobile. For more information on ROCK BAND, visit the Official Website.