Ratings For 02/13/08

Idol Dominates For FOX With A Wednesday Night Win

Fast National Ratings 

For The Night:

FOX: 11.5/19
NBC: 6.6/11
CBS: 4.7/8
ABC: 4.4/7
CW: 0.9/1

Total Viewers (Avg Per Hour):

FOX: 19.53M
NBC: 10.10M
CBS: 7.07M
ABC: 6.48M
CW: 1.28M

Adults 18-49:

FOX: 7.9/21
NBC: 2.7/7
ABC: 2.5/6
CBS: 2.0/5
CW: 0.6/1

8:00 p.m.

American Idol
Viewers: 24.59M

Deal Or No Deal
Viewers: 10.99M

Big Brother
Viewers: 5.89M

Wife Swap
Viewers: 5.38M

Viewers: 1.42M

9:00 p.m.

The Moment of Truth
Viewers: 14.47M

Viewers: 8.80M

Criminal Minds
Viewers: 7.75M

One Tree Hill
Viewers: 1.14M

10:00 p.m.

Law & Order
Viewers: 10.24M

Viewers: 7.66M

Cashmere Mafia
Viewers: 5.26M