Raising The Bar

Every time I mention Raising the Bar to someone, the first thing that’s mentioned is the fact that Zack Morris, aka Mark Paul Gosselaar, needed a haircut desperately.  His long flowing locks were grating on everyone.  What’s great about the season premiere, which airs Monday following The Closer, is that the cast of characters that surround Gosselaar’s character Jerry on a daily basis voices the opinion of the audience as they rib him for his current style.

Luckily for Jerry, his first case of the season is a barber who is accused of knowingly distributing drugs from his barber shop, even though it was his nephew.  The big news is not that Jerry is less of a complainer and more of a take-actioner this season, but rather that he finally cuts his hair.  We’re still a long way away from Zack’s goldilocks glory days, but this new coif will do!

In other news, this new season seems to be all about fleshing out the characters we haven’t had a chance to learn much about, like Gloria Reuben’s character, who decides to take it back to the court room since the PD office is so busy.  It’s nice to see her as the strong woman in court, very apropos.  We also see the fallout from Bobbi and Gavin’s breakup continue as he takes drastic measures, and puts the kibosh on the Bobbi / Jerry relationship.

Is it the greatest show on TV?  No, but it’s a darn good TNT drama that I think will only get better with time – I’m glad it was given the chance.  Check it out on Monday nights!


Raising The Bar Series Premiere – Monday, June 8th at 10:00PM EST


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