PRIVATE PRACTICE Season 4 Episode 5 In Or Out Recap

PRIVATE PRACTICE Season 4 Episode 5 In Or Out Recap

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Addison has been bitten by the love bug hard this week. She is raving like a teenage girl in the elevator to Violet and Amelia about how perfect Sam is. She has even nicknamed them “AddiSam.”


Addison has been bitten by the love bug hard this week. She is raving like a teenage girl in the elevator to Violet and Amelia about how perfect Sam is. She has even nicknamed them “AddiSam.” Just when I’m wishing that one of them will slap some sense in to her, Amelia says she can’t take anymore, she needs to get laid. Apparently she hasn’t had any in a while. Violet suggests she hook up with Sheldon because he has a long… well, you know what I mean. Just then the elevator doors open and Sheldon is standing there. The girls all just give him a look like they want to jump on him. Wait, I thought size didn’t matter?

Amelia helps Addison deliver a baby. The couple is cute and sweet, and everything seems to be going perfectly until the baby is born and something is terribly wrong. It turns out that the baby has a tumor that is pushing on its heart. Addison wants to do surgery to cut the tumor out, but the new cancer doc at the hospital wants to do chemo. After Addison and the new doc argue back and forth for a minute, Charlotte makes the call that Addison is going to do the surgery. Later though when the mother has problems, the father decides not to risk the surgery and says he wants to do the chemo instead now. When the mother wakes up some time later, Addison tells her what the father decided and she freaks out. She wants the surgery, the dad wants the chemo.

Violet and Sheldon go talk to prison inmates and decide whether to recommend them for release or keep them in prison. One of Violet’s inmates begs her to lie to the parole board and say that he deserves to stay locked up. He says he’s living behind bars for most of his life and he knows he’ll get swallowed up in the real world, prison feels like home to him now. She goes back to the practice and talks to Pete and Cooper about it. Pete thinks she should just do what the guy wants, but Violet is all against it. They end up having a small argument which then leads to how they put Dell’s daughter in the system too. Pete leaves, so Violet and Cooper chat. He tells her that Charlotte wants kids. Can you imagine?!

PRIVATE PRACTICE Season 4 Episode 5 In Or Out Recap

Photo : ABC

Violet talks to Sheldon to try to make her decision on what to do with the inmate. She ends up going to the panel and telling them the exact opposite of what the inmate asked her to. She says he’d be a model citizen. She is there at the gates when they release him. The prison set him up to live at a halfway house and he has some clothes to start with. Violet also set him up to work at a car wash and says she’d like him to keep coming to her to talk about his progress.

Amelia talks to Charlotte about Sheldon and she says he is very well endowed as well. Just then Sheldon walks up to them so Amelia starts flirting with him. She tells him that she heard he has skills and she’d like him to teach her, then struts away. She later takes it a step further by going to Sheldon’s office and trying to have her way with him right then but he says he’ll “think about it” and then walks away. Ouch!

Addison tells Sam she’s scared about their relationship because usually she can see where it’s going. She knows the problems the relationship is going to have before they even happen. But, this time she can’t see what’s next because he’s so perfect. They end up ripping each other’s clothes off and go at it right there at the office.

Sam talks to the dad of the baby with the tumor. He tells him that he understands why he would make the safe choice but he suggests the surgery again. This time the dad seems to listen.

Pete tells Violet to not get involved with the inmate. He says prison is where the guy belongs which pisses off Violet. She goes to the car wash to talk to the guy so she can feel better about her decision I guess. He ends up confirming Pete’s belief when he tells Violet to leave him alone, he could do horrible things to her that would regret her ever meeting him. The next day, he comes to Violet’s office and tells her the story of why he went to prison in the first place. He says he robbed a gas station and in the process shot and killed a young college student. He doesn’t feel he deserves a life after taking hers. He says he feels guilty for everything he does now. Violet tells him that it’s ok for him to live. A few days later he ends up getting a job at a coffee shop and Violet is thrilled. She tells Pete but once again he’s pissed off because Violet is spending time helping the guy and not spending time with him and their child.

Violet goes to Sheldon and tells him about the inmate guy’s breakthrough. After that, he tells her about Amelia trying to seduce him. Violet can’t help but laugh and he figures out that she’s been talking.

Addison ends up doing surgery on the baby with the tumor and successfully removes the entire tumor. The parents are ecstatic, of course! Addison and the new cancer doc make up, though make out might have been better. These two would be hot together! But, AddiSam is hot too, so I won’t go there.

Amelia goes back to Sheldon and tries to revoke her offer of seducing him. Sheldon tells her what he really thinks about her offer. He says that she’s the bad girl type, so they’d have great sex for a while but then he’d fall for her and she’d run, leaving him heartbroken and wanting more. He tells her that he’s a grown man looking for a grown up relationship and when she’s ready for that to give him a call.