PRIVATE PRACTICE Season 4 Episode 2 Short Cuts Recap

Private Practice Short Cuts Season 4

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Sex is once again the focus at the beginning of this week’s Private Practice. Everyone seems to be doing it or fantasizing about it and I’m certainly not going to complain.


Sex is once again the focus at the beginning of this week’s Private Practice. Everyone seems to be doing it or fantasizing about it and I’m certainly not going to complain.

Sheldon has a patient this week named Jane, who is a gender reassignment patient. Jane is a male that is becoming a female. She already looks and talks like a woman but wants to have surgery to finish the change, she just needs Sheldon to sign off on it.

Naomi calls a meeting and announces that William has died. But, that’s just a small mention. The big news is that Naomi wants to merge the two practices. William left his foundation, which is worth millions, to Naomi. At first everyone seems confused but then suddenly jump on board with the idea. No one really objects or says a word for or against the plan and that’s all there is to the meeting. The lack of discussion is a bit baffling, even Naomi seems confused.

Pete and Cooper have a patient that is autistic who comes in so the docs can see if the new meds they prescribed him are working. All seems well until the docs notice the kid’s eyes are glassy and decide to do a blood test. The kid’s mom won’t let them do the blood test and then tells them that she’s been giving her kid medical marijuana instead. This leads to Pete and Cooper having a big argument about whether the mom’s actions are right or wrong. Pete doesn’t think it was all that wrong, but Cooper is totally against it. Pete goes to the patient’s house later to tell her to stop giving her kid the marijuana and tries to talk to her but the lady goes off on Pete and tells him to get out.

Private Practice Short Cuts Season 4

Photo : ABC

Addison and Sam talk about the merger and try to figure out how they’re going to take their relationship public. Later Addison talks to Amelia and tells that she’s dating Sam and asks for her advice on how she should tell Naomi. She decides to just flat out tell her. When it actually comes down to telling Naomi about her and Sam though, she chickens out.

Pete is annoyed with Cooper so he goes to Violet and asks her to draw some lines between her and Cooper. Apparently he doesn’t like that Cooper calls every morning and every night and has to consult with her on everything. Cooper comes in to Violet’s room then and starts up the medical marijuana argument again which puts Violet in the middle and she’s not happy about it.

The autistic kid and his mom come in to see Cooper because he is not doing well now that she is not giving her son the medical marijuana. The kid starts banging his head on the wall and the mom is yelling to Cooper to just give him the drugs, but Cooper refuses. I wouldn’t have thought of Cooper as being so anti-marijuana, but then again I guess he is with Charlotte.

Jane comes in to see Charlotte because Sheldon doesn’t think she was honest with him. She opens up to Charlotte saying that she’s lonely and sad because she can’t be herself and has never been able to be herself.

That night Addison and Sam are together on the beach. Sam is shirtless, showing off his buff bod and perfect pecs. Sam tells Addison that she’s either ready to be in this and tell Naomi, or she’s not ready to be in it, but they can’t continue hiding. Addison agrees to tell Naomi.

Cooper and Violet’s friendship isn’t only causing a strain on Pete and Violet but also between Cooper and Charlotte. Charlotte gets mad at him for always going to Violet first and throws her drink in his face. Cooper runs over to Violet’s to whine about Charlotte, of course, but then he gets an even bigger shocker by walking in on Violet and Pete having sex on the couch. Pete chases him out and then tells Violet that she better set some limits after this or he will. Violet says that she may be his wife but he doesn’t get to order her around.

The next day, Jane comes back for another session to tell him more about why she thinks she needs the surgery. She breaks down to Sheldon telling him about all the things that have led to her decision but he is still hesitant to sign off on it. Later Charlotte talks to Sheldon again telling him that Jane deserves the surgery and makes a strong case for her. Finally Sheldon seems to see her side of things and tells Charlotte that if she keeps showing her humanity that they might actually be friends again.

Pete and Cooper get in yet another argument about limits. Pete demands Cooper give him his and Violet’s house key but Cooper refuses. Violet listens to them argue from outside the door but doesn’t step in.

Cooper has to rush to the hospital because the autistic kid and his mom are there in the ER. The mom gave the kid marijuana again but this time it was street marijuana, not medical marijuana, and it turned out to be laced with PCP. Now he is vomiting and worse than before. Cooper and Pete both blame themselves; though I have to say I blame Cooper a bit more. Pete turns the mom over to the police for buying the weed and giving it to the kid.

Sheldon tells Jane that he’s not going to approve the surgery but wants to continue doing sessions with her. Jane goes to Charlotte and tells her that everything will be fine. But, I have a bad feeling about this and it turns out to be right. Charlotte gets a call later that evening from Jane and she knows something isn’t right. She and Sheldon rush over to Jane’s house and find her in bed unconscious and covered in blood. She cut off her penis. Umm… OWW!

Violet and Cooper finally set some limits on their friendship. They decide on certain days that they will get together. Cooper goes home which makes Charlotte happy, she is just happy to have a shoulder to put her head on.

Addison goes to Naomi’s and breaks the news to her about her and Sam dating. Naomi sits down and starts crying but surprisingly it’s not about Addison and Sam dating but instead she’s crying about William. Up till now she hasn’t mourned William’s death but suddenly it’s all hitting her. Addison asks what she can do, Naomi asks for her and Sam to back her on the merger and to never talk to her about Sam. That’s it. I really expected Naomi to throw a much bigger fit than this. I feel so relieved for Addison and Sam. Now we can finally see these two really be together.

Next week, some major drama goes down with a patient and it ends with Pete being held at gun point.