PRIVATE PRACTICE Season 4 Episode 1 Take Two Recap


Private Practice Take Two

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Last season we said goodbye to Dell after the shocking car accident. We begin this season with the docs paying respect at his gravesite.


Last season we said goodbye to Dell after the shocking car accident. We begin this season with the docs paying respect at his gravesite. While at the cemetery, Pete and Violet announce that they’re going to get married. It’s an odd place to announce an engagement but then again these two define odd. Cooper isn’t sure whether to be happy for Violet or be completely against the whole thing. You can tell he wants to be totally against it but he’s too good of a guy to ruin it for Violet so he puts on his happy face. He doesn’t have much time to be for or against it anyway, they are getting married this weekend! Oh, and she has asked Cooper to be her maid-of-honor, no joke. He gets the fun job of helping her plans the last minute wedding and picking out a wedding dress.

The first new patient of the season is a middle aged man named Ryan who needs a new kidney. The docs suggest he reach out to his brother to see if he’ll give him a kidney but Ryan is completely against it. It’s not until he finally reaches out to his brother that we find out why. He more or less abandoned his brother, Kevin. For whatever reason Kevin still seeks Ryan’s approval and love so he is more than willing to give up his kidney to make Ryan happy. The docs make it clear to Ryan that he needs to truly appreciate the sacrifice his brother is giving him and treat him better in the future. After the surgery Ryan seems to want to be closer to Kevin, at least to some extent which makes Kevin excited. But then things go wrong and Ryan’s body rejects the kidney. He’s going to die. Kevin blames himself until Ryan comes to talk to him and tells him how much he appreciates everything he did for him and that he would tell their parents in heaven what he did. Though it’s sad that he’s dying, it’s also really uplifting to see the brothers reconcile.

Private Practice Take Two

Photo : ABC

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Naomi has a couple that is wanting another baby after their last child died after the father left him in a hot car for hours and hours. The story goes that the mom was sick one day so the dad was taking the baby to daycare before he went to work but he got caught up in his normal morning routine that he completely forgot about the child in the car until the afternoon. It sadly happens too often in real life. They want another baby so they can start their lives again and have something good and positive to live for again. Naomi and Sheldon ask Addison to help but she was at the hospital when the parents brought their dead child in, so she is totally against them having another child. Sheldon evaluates the couple again and then speaks with Addison again. He tells Addison that she’s not doing it because of her own personal issues which seems to hit her hard. She ends up running into the mom and she breaks down with Addison telling her that she has so much love to give but no where to put it. As usual, Addison gives in and agrees to help them out. Coincidentally, a woman has already agreed to help the couple out because she also left her child in a car that died so she knows the pain they’re going through.

Dink, Sam and Naomi’s son-in-law, hasn’t stepped up to the father role as he promised he would at the end of last season. Naomi has primarily been caring for the baby. Sam isn’t too happy about this so he confronts Dink about it and challenges him on the basketball court. He seems to teach Dink a lesson because by the end of the episode Dink finally shows up to take care of his kid. It’s just in time for Sam and Naomi to go to Pete and Violet’s wedding.

The wedding was rushed together and is small but still looks amazing. Everything seems to be going perfect until Violet gets about halfway down the aisle and then freezes and runs off. Cooper chases after her, as does Pete. Pete doesn’t even say a word to her, they just stand together for a moment holding hands and putting their heads together and suddenly Violet is ready to get married again. This time they walk down the aisle together and get married. After the wedding Addison tells Pete she’s really happy for him and Violet. And, I’m happy it worked out this way because now Addison is single again and she goes back to secretly dating Sam. The episode ends with Sam and Addison in the bathtub together. Let’s hope there’s some more of that this season!

I’m excited that Pete and Violet have finally taken a step forward. Their relationship last season was getting really stale. It’ll be interesting to see if they can make a marriage work. And, I’m beyond excited to see Sam and Addison back together. I’ve been rooting for these two for a while. They are meant to be together, they just need to stop caring what everyone else thinks and go with it. Are you happy to see Pete and Violet get married and Sam and Addison get together?

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