BBC America premieres Season 3 of the intriguing Primeval this weekend, and though there is a lot of mystery and mythology associated with the show, that doesn’t stop a non-viewer from enjoying it!

The show follows the story of Nick Cutter and his team, as they search the world for anomalies (I suggest hitting the Primeval Wiki to get caught up to speed) that ancient creatures come in and out through.  The season premiere deals with Nick struggling over the death of a friend (Stephen).  Though he knows it was his wife’s fault (evil woman that she is), he still feels responsible.

Up first, the team battles against an ancient Egyptian Crocodilian.  A new doctor and a new bodyguard join the team, and both are easy on the eyes, so no complaints there!  In other news, Nick’s wife Helen is still out and about, stealing various artifacts, causing all kinds of problems, and just in general, not being a very good person.

In the second episode, a creature who can camouflage itself almost gets the better of Abby, Jenny, and Connor.  Not too much on moving the mythological “where is Claudia, what’s going on with Helen” story forward, other than Helen is in our times, and doing some science voodoo at Nick’s home.

All in all, a rather solid show that takes you out of the real world for an hour at a time.  For a newbie to the series, I quickly made my way through the first two episodes of Season 3, and I cannot wait to see what happens next!


The Primeval Season Premiere Airs On BBC America Saturday, May 16th at 9:00PM EST.