Peacock Releases Official Trailer For New Dating Series LOVE UNDERCOVER

Peacock has revealed the five international soccer superstars looking for love in the hot new Original dating series Love Undercover.

The first three episodes premiere Thursday, May 9, followed by new episodes 4-6 Thursday, May 16 and final batch, episodes 7-10 on Thursday, May 23.

The new series features Premier League stars Jamie O’Hara (36 – United Kingdom), Ryan Babel (36 – Netherlands) and Lloyd Jones (27 – United Kingdom), as well as Olympic Gold Medalist Marco Fabián (33 – Mexico), and soccer royalty Sebastián Fassi(29 – Mexico).

The series voiceover by comedian and podcaster Jared Freid.

Love Undercover is a modern-day fairytale that follows five players on an epic journey filled with love, drama, heartbreak and self-discovery. The men must leave their lavish lives behind and take on secret identities to date several single women in Los Angeles, who don’t know of their fame overseas.

The single women competing for our players’ attention come from all corners of the US. The first-ever Love Undercover ladies are: 

  • Abby Kowal 
  • Akhya Mitchell 
  • Alus  
  • Ariana Welch 
  • Brittany Gibson 
  • Courtny Svendsen 
  • Estefani Mendez 
  • Gabby Findley 
  • Jackie Jaramillo 
  • Jackie Lam 
  • Jacklyn Romano 
  • Kai Hilbert 
  • Renee Ash 
  • Sinead Jenkins 
  • Sofia Cajamarca 
  • Sofia Quinteros 
  • Sophia Cerrito 
  • Tinah Ogalo 

Today’s athletes are mega stars with extreme wealth, giant fandoms and lavish lifestyles. You could even call them royalty. And naturally, with any royal story, a fairytale is never too far away. 

LOVE UNDERCOVER is a modern-day fairytale meets buddy comedy about an elite group of international soccer stars who come to the United States on a secret quest for true love. We’ll follow them on an epic journey filled with drama, heartbreak and self-discovery.

Can they win over the ladies without their fame and fortune? Will they manage to keep their true identities a secret?

And will any of them fall for an American princess before inviting them back to their home countries and testing their relationships on the global stage.

For these men, finding love is the #1 goal.

International Soccer Stars Take On Secret Identities To Find Love In First Look At Peacock’s New Original Series

Premiere Date: May 9, 2024 
Executive Producers: Alycia Rossiter, Jessica Nahmias, Sonya Wilkes, Michael Krupat, and John Luscombe 
Co-Executive Producers: Michael Mazzara, Lisa Higgins, Caroline Audcent, and Raquel Loaiza  
Produced By: Beyond Media Rights 
Format: 3 Batch Drop; 10 Episodes 
Filming Location: Los Angeles