Overheard At Comic Con New York 2009

Chris Fedak – Yvonne Strahovski – Josh Schwartz From Chuck At Comic Con NYC – 2009 – Photo Seat42f

Just got back from Comic Con New York City. I was a little hesitant about going because San Diego was a mess this past year, but Comic Con NYC delivered. I have jotted down some of the highlights from the various press rooms I sat in on. Major kudos to ABC for slotting in Daniel Dae Kim last second.

* I will be adding more to this as I transcribe some notes and audio.


From The Fringe Press Room:

Lance Reddick – Just found out he will be back on Lost this season and soon. Lance said he will be on the 5th episode. Didn’t get a chance to follow up with when the 5th episode would air. ( Some people count the premiere as one episode and others two). Needless to say it sounds like Lance will be back at some point this February.

John Noble – Said he plays Walter as if he is bi-polar. When asked about whether or not we would meet William Bell this year he said if he had it his way the big William Bell reveal wouldn’t happen until the series finale.

From The Chuck Press Room :

Casing Tidbits – Much to the chagrin of the Chuck/Sarah shippers Jordana Brewster is set to return as Chuck’s College girlfriend Doctor Jill Roberts . We are going to meet Jeff’s sister. Scott Bakula has arc as Chuck’s father and Chevy Chase is set to appear.

The season finale is being shot and written as a season finale and NOT a series finale. They used the word “game-changer” to describe the second season finale. Josh Schwartz added, ” It’s something we’ve been talking about for over two years now. It’s going to launch the show in a really exciting, very different direction next year.”

From The Daniel Dae Kim Press Room :

Daniel Dae said he knew last year Jin wasn’t killed off. When he got the finale script Damon and Carlton, “You’re going to read something that might sound a little shocking, but don’t worry. You’re still with us.” He’ll find out this June if Jin will be around for season 6.

Revealed for the first time that he was carried with the island through time. ” I was blown off the ship and I was floating on my own. I was within the radius of the island’s time travel abilities. So I went with the island. I was always in the water and I time traveled with them.”

During the hiatus Daniel Dae Kim is starring in the King And I for a month in London. When asked about his singing voice he replied with a smile, “It’s getting better every day.”