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ONE TREE HILL Season 8 Episode 6 Not Afraid Recap

One Tree Hill Not Afraid

Photo : CW

We’re celebrating Halloween a couple weeks early in Tree Hill and everyone is going all out with their costumes this year. Speaking of, if any of you have costume ideas for me please leave a comment.


We’re celebrating Halloween a couple weeks early in Tree Hill and everyone is going all out with their costumes this year. Speaking of, if any of you have costume ideas for me please leave a comment.

Halloween brings on horrible nightmares for Quinn, who has never liked Halloween and given her recent attempted murder she’s especially not a fan now. Her nightmares range from Katie coming back to kill her dressed up to the concept of vampire vs zombie.

For the big Halloween party at Tric everyone gets dressed up. Brooke decides she and Julian should dress up as “A Clockwork Orange.” She would be an orange and he a clock. Do you get it? I didn’t and clearly no one else did either, not even Julian, who let his mom (who is visiting… but more on that later!) talk him into instead dressing up as a Dalmation dog and she dresses up as Cruella de Ville. At least the orange costume was original.

Nathan dresses like Don Draper and Haley a pregnant cheerleader. Yes, just like she was back in high school. Love it! Clay and Quinn dress up, even though she really doesn’t want to. He dresses up as Edward Cullen and pulls it off pretty well in fact. While giving out candy to the neighborhood kids Quinn thinks one of the trick-or-treaters is Katie coming back to kill her. Then the lights go out and in the process of finding a flashlight, Clay finds a gun that Quinn apparently bought. He later tells her that he thinks she needs to get away and do a different type of shooting, perhaps photography, a photography assignment in Africa, no less. She surprisingly agrees with him.

Jamie and his friends Chuck and Madison dress up Harry, Ron and Hermoine from Harry Potter. Like Quinn, Jamie isn’t a big fan of Halloween given his history with crazies. The whole night Jamie is a bit on edge and therefore has me even a bit on edge. Suddenly at one of the houses he and his friends go to he gets pulled inside by a guy. Luckily, it’s just Chuck’s uncle playing a prank and Jamie has nothing to worry about, as long as his uncle doesn’t turn out to be some lunatic.

One Tree Hill Not Afraid

Photo : CW

Mouth dresses up as The Situation from Jersey Shore, fake abs and all. So fitting! Millie dresses up Lady Gaga-esque and tries to win back Mouth but he ruins that, so instead she hooks up with some muscle guy with real abs, not the fake kind. Take that, Mouth!

Back to the whole Julian and his Cruella de Ville of a mother. With Brooke at her lowest in years and her finances in shambles, Julian’s mom offers to help with the wedding costs. Brooke graciously accepts but then his mom starts taking over the entire thing. Like we all didn’t see that one coming. She really pisses off Brooke when she starts making changes to her dress that Brooke has been dreaming of since… well, forever. I have a feeling Cruella de Ville is going to end up causing a major rift between Brooke and Julian which is the last thing Brooke needs right now.

Nathan also took a pretty big step forward with his career this episode. He and Clay are starting their partnership and Nathan gets to show off some of his skills by talking to a rookie quarterback who is getting horrible advice from his agents about holding off for more money. Given that Nathan has been on that side of things before, he talks to the guy and gives him the advice that he needs. Clay realizes how beneficial Nathan’s insight can be and Nathan feels good that he can have an impact. However, this still doesn’t live up to his glory days on the court. As the episode ends Nathan watches old footage of his games. I feel bad for him but I think this partnership with Clay will work out really well for him.

That’s all for this week’s Halloween edition OTH. Just a reminder, if you have any costume ideas for me, post a comment! Or just post a comment telling me what you have been in past years.

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