ONE TREE HILL Season 8 Episode 3 The Space In Between Recap

One Tree Hill The Space In Between

Photo : CW

Clay and Quinn’s in between storyline is finally coming to a close this week. I’d like to throw a party in celebration!


Clay and Quinn’s in between storyline is finally coming to a close this week. I’d like to throw a party in celebration! We begin this week with Haley and Nathan giving Quinn and Clay updates on what is happening in their lives. Both Clay and Quinn are still out but considering neither has died yet, I’m guessing things are looking up. Quinn wakes up a short time later and is stable but Clay is still in a coma and we see his ghost version again. He runs into another ghost in the ‘waiting room’ and he tells Clay what the ‘in between’ is, just then the docs rush into Clay’s room. Brooke tells Quinn how bad off Clay is and that it’s not looking good, Quinn says she needs to see him. Docs tell Nathan that Clay needs a kidney transplant and that getting one before he dies is unlikely, so Nathan offers one of his own kidneys. The doc tells him that if he donates his kidney his basketball career will be over.

Victoria tells Brooke that their lawyers have been able to reach a deal that will save their asses. Victoria asks Brooke for a ‘thank you’ and Brooke tells her she deserves a “you’re fired” instead. Victoria says she’s truly sorry for putting her through this. Brooke and Julian go to the hospital to check on Quinn and Clay, but the real story is that they walk passed all the babies at the hospital and Brooke pouts. Poor Brooke!

Mouth and Milli have a one night stand that leads to a very, and I mean VERY awkward morning. I’m undecided on if I want these two to get back together. They are such a good fit but then again it’s such an old storyline between these two.

One Tree Hill The Space In Between

Photo : CW

Nathan talks to Haley about donating his kidney to Clay. He tells Haley that he had tests run recently and found out that his back is deteriorating anyway. At most he’ll probably only get to play one more season in the NBA, so is that worth not saving Clay’s life? Nathan talks to Jamie next and tells him that he’s going to donate his kidney to Clay, Jamie says he should which helps put Nathan’s mind at ease. Meanwhile, Haley breaks Quinn out of her hospital room to go see Clay.

Quinn talks to Clay and tells him that her man is too strong to die. She tearfully pleads him to surprise them and open “those beautiful blue eyes and take my breath away.” Clay’s ghost version is still talking to a fellow ghost that is stuck in the “in between.”

Brooke and Julian talk about whether she’ll ever be able to trust Victoria again. She tells him she doesn’t think she’ll ever be able to again. She goes to call Victoria to talk about things but Victoria ignores the call. She’s at the Clothes Over Bros store brainstorming with Milli about how to deal with the press when she goes to prison. It turns out that the deal Victoria struck was that she would take full responsibility and go to prison instead of Brooke.

The next day, Nathan is tested to see if he’s a match with Clay to donate his kidney and he turns out not to be a match. Haley breaks the news to Quinn and tells her Clay doesn’t have much time. Quinn goes to his bedside and starts bawling. Haley turns to Nathan and starts bawling. Clay’s ghost is standing there watching it all happen.

Clay continues on still in his coma with Quinn by his side. Nathan takes his old car out for a drive on a back road and pulls off to watch some horses running and breaks down crying.

Brooke and Julian tuck Jamie in bed and Jamie tells them that they will make great parents. The next morning Milli stops by Brooke’s house and tells her about Victoria going to prison. Brooke rushes to the Clothes Over Bros store where Victoria is. Brooke tells her she doesn’t want her to go and gives her a hug.

Back to Clay and Quinn, we go to Clay in his ghost version talking to the other ghost who we find out is “in between” because he was texting while driving. Wait, did Oprah produce this episode? Clay’s ghost tries to tell Quinn that he loves her. Clay goes back to the waiting room with his fellow ghost and then docs rush by.

As the episode wraps we see Brooke drop off Victoria at prison. We find out Nathan has been resigned to the NBA but whether he plays is yet to be decided. And, oh yeah, Clay wakes up from his coma. His first words are that Quinn looks pretty. Yesss! As it turns out, the fellow ghost Clay was talking to died and his organs were donated. I’m happy to see them not kill Clay off.