NURSE JACKIE Season 5 Episode 1 Happy F’ing Birthday Photos

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NURSE JACKIE Season 5 Episode 1 Happy Fucking Birthday Photos : An overturned bus makes for a crazy day at All Saints.  Two new doctors join the staff: Dr. Carrie Roman, a resident who fucked her way to the middle, and Dr. Ike Prentiss, a badass Army doc. Dr. Eleanor O’Hara just wants to spend every minute with her new son.  Coop is wary of Prentiss but starts crushing on Carrie. And in the middle of the chaos, Akalitus gives Eddie back his old job.  After witnessing yet another tense morning between the Peytons, Zoey announces that it’s time for her to move out of Jackie’s house and O’Hara tells Jackie it’s her last day at All Saints and she’s moving to London to be with her baby and her family. And all this, the day before Jackie’s birthday.  And the end of a long day, Jackie puts one pill into a small jewelry box next to her wedding ring in her night stand.  It’s a new year.