‘Nip/Tuck’ Moves To Los Angeles

'Nip/Tuck' Has Moved To LA And Screener Girl Takes A Look At The New Season


FX treats me well.  They’ve been great with the sending of new press all summer long.  I got to see Damages early, I get to see It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia early. But to me, that’s nothing compared to the fact that I got a beautiful Nip/Tuck press kit a few weeks ago that included a gorgeous flip book of the cast and the guest stars and the writers and the directors, etc., as well as the first two episodes of Season 5.  As the world’s most hardcore Nip/Tuck fan, I was a little wary about what I’d find when I put the DVD in and cued it up to the first episode, entitled “Carly Summers,” because Season 3 and 4 kind of dragged me down and left me a bit unsure about what they could do in Season 5 to get back on track.

I have to say that it blew me away. From the minute we open on the amazing office that Sean and Christian have purchased in LA, to the gorgeous penthouse that they’re staying in, to everything about the first episode (including the awesome “getting ready for a night on the town” montage), I was fully back on train.

Sean and Christian are having trouble adjusting to LA.  They don’t have patients, they can’t even pay for their fish tank.  But Christian remains optimistic that at any time, things will change.  Through a variety of events, including being offered (and accepting) the chance to be consultants on a show called Hearts and Scalpels (which stars Bradley Cooper and Paula Marshall in fabulous roles), things slowly start to pick up.  But only for Sean.  Christian isn’t used to being the low man on the totem pole and he doesn’t seem to be adjusting well.  He goes out, gets himself a celebrity to sleep with (the title character, Carly Summers), and in turn, convinces her to get plastic surgery.  It’s a typical Christian move that is no less despicable than he always is, but at the same time, you can tell he’s just trying to hard to reinvent himself again, and he’s having a horrible time of it.

Sean is flourishing as a new cast member on Hearts and Scalpels, and as a result, his personal business starts growing.  Christian doesn’t do too well with that.  So confidentiality agreement be damned, he lets it leak to US Weekly that he did the work on Carly.

In the second episode, titled “Joyce and Sharon Monroe,” Julia returns.  With her girlfriend Ollie in tow!  And Sean’s relationship with Paula Marshall’s character Kate heats up, cools down, and heats right back up again.  And also?  Because of his role on the show, Sean has been offered a part of the 50 Most Eligible Bachelor issue of People Magazine!  Christian continues his downward spiral.  He gets in a whole lot of trouble with their new publicist (played by the amazing Lauren Hutton) for leaking the Carly Summers story to the press.  He convinces her that he’s just in a bad place and she sets up a nude photo shoot for him, to scrounge up business.  He goes so low as to try and steal Kate from Sean (and it almost works too)!  Eventually, he ends up paying two Marilyn Monroe impersonators to spend time in bed with him.  That’s like a typical day’s work for Christian, though, isn’t it?

It’s full of debauchery and craziness and I can’t wait for more episodes to keep my infatuation with this show going!  

Nip/Tuck premieres Tuesday 10/30 on FX at 10PM.