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Nielsen TV Ratings For 03/23/10

Nielsen TV Ratings For 03/23/10


Fast National Ratings

Total Viewers (Avg Per Hour):

FOX: 23.84M
CBS: 10.67M
NBC: 7.70M
ABC: 6.12M
CW: 1.29M

Adults 18-49:

FOX: 8.3/23
NBC: 2.9/8
ABC: 2.4/7
CBS: 1.9/5
CW: 0.6/2

8:00 p.m.

American Idol
Viewers: 22.67M

Viewers: 12.82M

The Biggest Loser (R)
Viewers: 7.31M

Lost (R)
Viewers: 4.69M

Viewers: 1.58M

9:00 p.m.

American Idol
Viewers: 25.01M

NCIS Los Angeles (R)
Viewers: 11.22M

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The Biggest Loser
Viewers: 8.72M

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10:00 p.m.

The Good Wife (R)
Viewers: 7.98M

Viewers: 7.07M

V ( Clip Show )
Viewers: 5.14M

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