New Warzone Announced For Star Wars The Old Republic

Fame and fortune await those with the courage to compete in the cutthroat intergalactic sport known as Huttball. In the latest video, Star Wars The Old Republic Director of Production Dallas Dickinson explains in detail how the sport is played in this newly announced Warzone.

Sponsored by the combined wealth of the Hutt cartels, Huttball is played on the neutral planet of Nar Shadaa where Giradda the Hutt oversees the proceedings with a watchful eye. Two teams drawn from both sides of the Empire/Republic struggle are assigned at random.

The goal is to take a neutral ball across enemy lines and into their camp by any means necessary to score. To complicate things, various deathtraps spewing acid and fire and strewn through the field. Check out the frantic action for yourself over at the official site.

Warzones are instanced PvP (Player vs. Player) areas that offer a wide variety of diverse gameplay. You can compete to earn both experience points and tokens you can spend at specialized vendors. Huttball joins the already-announced Alderaan Warzone. Keep checking back as more Warzones are revealed.

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