New On Amazon Prime Video October 2020

October brings new Amazon Original Movies, Series, and Specials including the family-friendly Bug Diaries Halloween Special; Chasing the Crown: Dreamers to Streamers, a reality competition series from Prime Gaming; Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty Show, Vol. 2 special; What the Constitution Means to Me, Heidi Schreck’s acclaimed Broadway show translated to film; Time (2020), a documentary following a matriarch’s fight for her husband’s release from prison; season 2 of crime drama Mirzapur; Spanish historical docu-series The Challenge: ETA; and the premieres of Truth Seekers, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost’s newest comedy horror series, and Sons of the Soil, a sports docu-series following the Jaipur Pink Panthers.
Prime members can also enjoy movies new to Prime including Academy award-winners such as The Departed (2006), the Martin Scorsese directed crime drama and The Pianist (2003) starring Adrien Broday. In addition to thrilling action and adventure flicks, like Terminator: Dark Fate (2019), the sixth installment in the Terminator film franchise and The Da Vinci Code (2006) starring Tom Hanks as the fictional symbologist Robert Langdon.
The new month also brings romantic films that will make you believe in love, such as A Knight’s Tale(2001), starring Heath Ledger as a gallant knight jousting for the heart of a fair maiden, Southside With You (2016), which follows Barack and Michelle Obama’s fateful first date in the summer of 1989; The Wedding Planner (2001), a rom-com classic starring Jennifer Lopez and Matthew McConaughey; and Cyrano, My Love (2019), a fictionalized origin story of the enduring romantic French play, “Cyrano de Bergerac.”
Thursday Night Football is (almost) back: Watch Thursday Night Football games live on Prime Video at no additional cost, kicking off on October 8. Additionally, October introduces two new updates to the Prime Video viewing experience: automatic downloads and new alternative audio options. Prime Video customers in the US, UK, Germany and Japan – using the Prime Video app on Android and iOS devices – now have access to automatic downloads on select Prime titles. Once a customer has downloaded and watched an episode of select TV shows, the app will automatically begin downloading the next three episodes over Wi-Fi for offline viewing.
Several Amazon Originals are now available with additional subtitle and language options including All In: The Fight for Democracy, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Hanna, The Boys, and The Family Man, among many others. Language options vary per title.
Here’s what’s new on Amazon Prime Video in October:
New Originals:

  • Bug Diaries Halloween Special follows three unlikely bug buddies, Fly, Spider and Worm, as they fly, spin, and jump into all kinds of adventures. Imagine catching a ride on a furry dog or dodging raindrops bigger than your house! Using their unique insect abilities, our tiny heroes find ways to help themselves and others out of sticky situations and record their stories in their bug diaries! Streaming October 2
  • Rihanna invites you to Savage X Fenty Show Vol. 2, a high energy and visually stunning experience where you can watch and shop her latest lingerie line. Hear from Rihanna, those closest to her, and go behind-the-scenes of the Savage X Fenty brand as you sit front row to see top artists and models. Travis Scott, Rosalia, Bad Bunny, Lizzo, Cara Delevingne, Miguel, Bella Hadid, Normani, Willow Smith and many more. Available in UHD and HDR. Streaming October 2
  • Chasing the Crown: Dreamers to Streamers is the ultimate competition series for gamers. If you missed the Twitch livestream earlier this summer, now is the time to catch up! The series follows three aspiring Twitch gaming streamers as they compete to win amazing prizes, build their followings, and earn a coveted spot in the world-class Crown Cup tournament – the ultimate gaming achievement. But contestants won’t do it alone; each will be matched with an expert streamer who will act as a coach, showing them the ropes and helping to guide them as they battle it out to achieve their dream of becoming the next ultra-popular streaming phenomenon.Streaming October 9
  • Fifteen-year-old Heidi Schreck earned her college tuition by winning Constitutional debate competitions across the United States. In What the Constitution Means to Me – a hilarious, hopeful, and achingly human show – Heidi resurrects her teenage self in order to trace the profound relationship between four generations of women and the founding document that shaped their lives. Director Marielle Heller brings the acclaimed Broadway show to new life on film, marrying the electricity of live performance with a deeply cinematic intimacy. Streaming October 16
  • Prime members can also watch the Amazon Original movie All In: the Fight for Democracy, which examines the often overlooked, yet insidious issue of voter suppression in the United States. The film interweaves personal experiences with current activism and historical insight to expose a problem that has corrupted our democracy from the very beginning, with the perspective and expertise of Stacey Abrams. Streaming now
  • In Time (2020), an intimate yet epic love story filmed over two decades, indomitable matriarch Fox Rich strives to raise her six sons and keep her family together as she fights for her husband’s release from the Louisiana State Penitentiary, commonly known as Angola. Available in HDR. Streaming October 16
  • The world of Mirzapur has become more about power, politics, revenge and conspiracies. This season doesn’t stay confined to the violent world of Mirzapur. It takes us to the power corridors where a nexus between politics and criminals prevails. The women of Mirzapur have also become bolder and they will not hesitate in using any means to achieve their goals. Who will win in the end? Is there any one left to challenge the Tripathis? The canvas gets bigger this season, but the rules remain the same – without spilling blood you won’t survive here! Steaming October 23
  • The Challenge: ETA is an eight-episode documentary series about the Guardia Civil’s fight against the Basque terrorist band ETA. A fight that lasted for half a century, until the dissolution of the band and its definitive renunciation of weapons. The Challenge: ETA is an ambitious production that aims to mark a milestone in this important episode of the recent history of Spain. Streaming October 30
  • Co-created by Simon Pegg and Nick Frost,  Truth Seekers is an eight-part supernatural comedy series about a group of part-time paranormal investigators who team up to uncover and film ghost sightings across the UK, sharing their adventures on an online channel for all to see. However, as they stake out haunted churches, underground bunkers and abandoned hospitals with their array of homemade ghost-detecting gizmos, their supernatural experiences grow more frequent, more terrifying and even deadly, as they begin to uncover a deeper conspiracy. Available in UHD and HDR. Streaming October 30
  • As Kabaddi’s popularity explodes across India with the rise of Pro Kabaddi League, Bollywood actor Abhishek Bachchan who owns the PKL team – Jaipur Pink Panthers is determined to go for the winning title after 6 seasons of not being able to make a mark in the league. New series Sons of the Soil follows Bachchan as he gambles on a talented but young and inexperienced group of players in his quest to win season 7 of Kabaddi’s biggest competition. Streaming October 2020

Welcome to the Blumhouse:

  • Directed by Emmanuel Osei-Kuffour Jr. and script by Osei-Kuffour Jr. and Stephen Herman, Black Box (2020) stars Mamoudou, Phylicia Rashad, Amanda Christine, Tosin Morohunfola, Charmaine Bingwa and Troy James. After losing his wife and his memory in a car accident, a single father undergoes an agonizing experimental treatment that causes him to question who he really is. Executive produced by Jason Blum, Jay Ellis, Aaron Bergman, Lisa Bruce, Marci Wiseman, Jeremy Gold, Mynette Louie and William Marks. Available in HDR. Streaming October 6
  • The Lie (2020) is written and directed by Veena Sud, and stars Mireille Enos, Peter Sarsgaard and Joey King. When their teenaged daughter confesses to impulsively killing her best friend, two desperate parents attempt to cover up the horrific crime, leading them into a complicated web of lies and deception. Produced by Alix Madigan-Yorkin, Christopher Tricarico, and Jason Blum.  Executive produced by Howard Green, Kim Hodgert, Jeanette Volturno, Couper Samuelson and Aaron Barnett. Available in HDR. Streaming October 6
  • Based off the award-winning, best-selling Audible Original production from writer Madhuri Shekar, Evil Eye (2020) is directed by Elan Dassani and Rajeev Dassani, and stars Sarita Choudhury, Sunita Mani, Omar Maskati and Bernard White. A seemingly perfect romance turns into a nightmare when a mother becomes convinced her daughter’s new boyfriend has a dark connection to her own past. Executive produced by Jason Blum, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Lisa Bruce, Marci Wiseman, Jeremy Gold, Guy Stodel, Anjula Acharia, Emilia Lapenta and Kate Navin. Available in HDR. Streaming October 13
  • Nocturne (2020) is written and directed by Zu Quirke in her breakout feature debut. Starring Sydney Sweeney, Madison Iseman, Jacques Colimon and Ivan Shaw. Inside the halls of an elite arts academy, a timid music student begins to outshine her more accomplished and outgoing twin sister when she discovers a mysterious notebook belonging to a recently deceased classmate. Executive produced by Jason Blum, Lisa Bruce, Marci Wiseman, Jeremy Gold, Matthew Myers and Fodhla Cronin O’Reilly. Available in HDR. Streaming October 13

Academy Award-Winning:

  • Funny Girl (1968) is Barbra Streisand’s debut film and won her the Academy Award for her performance as singer-comediane, Fanny Brice. Nominated for seven other awards, this classic musical film contrasts Fanny’s onstage antics with her offstage romance with dashing gambler, Nicky Arnstein (Omar Shariff). Streaming October 1
  • Winona Ryder and Academy Award-winner Angelina Jolie are the certifiable stars of Claymoore Hospital’s South Bell ward in Girl, Interrupted (1999), a wry adaptation of Susanna Kaysen’s best-selling memoir. Streaming October 1
  • Directed by Martin Scorsese, The Departed (2006) is set in South Boston where the state police force is waging an all-out war to take down the city’s top organized crime ring. Streaming October 1 
  • Oscar winner Adrien Brody stars in The Pianist (2003), an epic true-life story of brilliant pianist and composer Wladyslaw Szpilman, an acclaimed musician who survived WWII with the help of a German officer. Streaming October 1

Action and Adventure:

  • Seeking vengeance for his lover’s death in Quantum Of Solace (2008), James Bond uncovers a conspiracy to take control of a country’s most precious natural resource. Streaming October 1
  • Based on Dan Brown’s 2003 best-selling novel of the same name, The Da Vinci Code (2006) follows a symbologist (Tom Hanks) as he’s caught in a 2000-year-old web of secrecy and uncovers the truth about The Holy Grail — a truth that could shatter the very foundations of Western Civilization. Streaming October 1
  • The Transporter Refueled (2015) follows Frank Martin, a former special-ops mercenary, who is now living a less perilous life. But when he is engaged by a cunning femme-fatale, he must use his covert expertise and knowledge of fast cars, fast driving, and fast women in a dangerous game of chess. Streaming October 6
  • In Terminator: Dark Fate (2019), the sixth installment in the Terminator film franchise, an enhanced super soldier teams up with battle-hardened Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) and an unexpected ally (Arnold Schwarzenegger) to stop the deadliest Terminator yet. Humanity’s fate hangs in the balance in this action-packed thrill ride. Streaming October 9

On-Screen Romance:

  • A Knight’s Tale (2001) is the rousing story of lowborn William Thatcher’s (Heath Ledger) quest to change his stars, win the heart of an exceedingly fair maiden (Shannyn Sossamon) and rock his medieval world. Follow this fearless squire and his band of medieval misfits as they careen their way toward impossible glory that’s part romance, part road trip and part exuberant swashbuckler. Streaming October 1
  • Barack and Michelle Obama’s love story comes alive in Southside With You (2016), which follows the future president and first lady on their 1989 first date in Chicago’s South Side. From executive producer John Legend. Streaming October 1 
  • The Wedding Planner (2001) follows Mary Fiore (Jennifer Lopez), a wedding planner whose singular dedication to her work has kept her from finding the man of her dreams. When she finally meets “Mr. Right” (Matthew McConaughey), he turns out to be the groom from one of her upcoming weddings. Streaming October 1
  • Cyrano, My Love (2019) is a delightfully French comedic film that imagines the creation of the beloved play Cyrano de Bergerac after Edmond Rostand promises to write a heroic comedy for a great actor-in three weeks. Streaming October 21

New to Rent or Buy:

  • In horror-comedy 12 Hour Shift (2020), bodies start to pile up when a drug-user nurse and her cousin try to find a replacement kidney for an organ trafficker. Available to buy or rent October 2
  • Happy Halloween, Scooby-Doo! (2020) follows Scooby-Doo and the gang as they team up with their pals, Bill Nye The Science Guy and Elvira Mistress of the Dark, to solve this mystery of gigantic proportions and save Crystal Cove. Available to buy or rent October 6
  • Spontaneous (2020) is an outrageous coming-of-age love story about growing up…and blowing up. When students in their school begin exploding (literally), seniors Mara (Katherine Langford) and Dylan (Charlie Plummer) struggle to survive in a world where each moment may be their last. Available to buy or rent October 6         
  • In The Doorman (2020), a woman (Ruby Rose) returns from combat and befriends a family in NYC, a gang of thieves plot to take the family’s valuables, she is all that stands between them and their lives. Available to buy or rent October 9
  • In this very first interactive animated DC movie, Batman: Death in the Family (2020), you get to decide the direction of Jason Todd’s fate. Available to buy or rent October 13 
  • In Kajillionare (2020), a woman’s (Evan Rachel Wood) life is turned upside down when her criminal parents invite an outsider to join them on a major heist they’re planning. Available to buy or rent October 16
  • In Love and Monsters (2020), after a Monsterpocalypse forces humans into underground colonies, a young man (Dylan O’Brien) decides against all logic to brave the surface and face the monsters standing between him and his lost love (Jessica Henwick). Available to buy or rent October 16 
  • The Personal History of David Copperfield (2019) is a modern take on Charles Dickens’s classic tale of a young orphan who is able to triumph over many obstacles. Available to buy or rent October 16  
  • In Ben 10 vs The Universe: The Movie (2020), when Vilgax returns to do double the damage on Team Tennyson and planet Earth itself, Ben must go interstellar to save the day. Available to buy October 11 and to rent October 27
  • Fatima (2020) is based on historical events. Three young shepherds in Fátima, Portugal, report visions of the Virgin Mary, inspiring believers and angering officials of the Church and the government, who try to force them to recant their story. Available to buy October 13 and to rent October 27
  • Greenland (2020) follows a family (Gerard Butler, Morena Baccarin and Roger Dale Floyd) as they struggle for survival in the face of a cataclysmic natural disaster. Available to buy October 13 and to rent October 27 
  • The Craft (2020), a remake of the 1996 film of the same name, follows a group of high school students that form a coven of witches. Available to buy or rent October 27

Prime Video Channels Sampling:

New in October – Available to Prime members at no additional cost to their membership        
October 2020
*Sons of the Soil – Amazon Original Series: Season 1
October 1
30 Days Of Night (2007)
A Knight’s Tale (2001)
Battlefield Earth (2000)
Blood Ties (2014)
Drugstore Cowboy (1989)
Eight Millimeter (1999)
Funny Girl (1968)
Girl, Interrupted (1999)
Guess Who (2005)
Joe (2014)
John Carpenter’s Vampires (1998)
Killers (2010)
Kindred Spirits (2020)
La Sucursal (2019)
Madea’s Big Happy Family (2011)
Mud (2013)
National Security (2003)
Next Level (2019)
Noose For A Gunman (1960)
Nurse (2014)
Quantum Of Solace (2008)
Raging Bull (1980)
Señorita Justice (2004)
Southside With You (2016)
Spaceballs (1987)
Species (1995)
Thanks For Sharing (2013)
The Big Hit (1998)
The Da Vinci Code (2006)
The Departed (2006)
The Gambler Wore A Gun (1961)
The Grudge 3 (2009)
The Mask Of Zorro (1998)
The Mothman Prophecies (2002)
The Pianist (2003)
The Wedding Planner (2001)
Triumph Of The Spirit (1989)
1992: Berlusconi Rising: Season 1 (Topic)
40 & Single: Season 1 (Urban Movie Channel)
America’s Great Divide: From Obama to Trump: Season 1 (PBS Documentaries)
Cisco Kid: Season (Best Westerns Ever)
Cities of the Underworld: Season 1 (HISTORY Vault)
Cold Case Files Classic: Season 1 (A&E Crime Central)
Get Shorty: Seasons 1-3
Horror Noire: A History of Black Horror (Shudder)
Liar: Season 1 (Sundance Now)
Mrs. Wilson: Season 1 (PBS Masterpiece)
Mystery Road: Season 1 (Acorn TV)
PNS Kids: Spooky Stories!: Season 1 (PBS Kids)
Tales of Tomorrow: Season 1 (Best TV Ever)
The Great British Baking Show: Season 1 (PBS Living)
The Loudest Voice: Season 1 (Showtime)
Thou Shalt Not Kill: Season 1 (PBS Masterpiece)
October 2
*Bug Diaries Halloween Special – Amazon Original Special
*Savage X Fenty Show. Vol. 2 – Amazon Original Special
October 6
*Black Box – Amazon Original Movie (2020)
*The Lie – Amazon Original Movie (2020)
The Transporter Refueled (2015)
Mr. Robot: Season 4
October 8
Archive (2020)
October 9
Terminator: Dark Fate (2019)
*Chasing the Crown: Dreamers to Streamers – Amazon Original Series
October 10
Jack And Jill (2011)
October 13
*Evil Eye – Amazon Original Movie (2020)
*Nocturne – Amazon Original Movie (2020)
October 14
A Most Beautiful Thing (2020)
October 15
Halal Love Story (2020)
Playing With Fire (2019)
October 16
*Time – Amazon Original Movie (2020)
*What the Constitution Means to Me – Amazon Original Special
October 21
Cyrano, My Love (2019)
October 23
*Mirzapur – Amazon Original Series: Season 2
October 26
What To Expect When You’re Expecting (2012)
October 27
Battle Los Angeles (2011)
October 29
Soorarai Pottru (2020)
October 30
*Truth Seekers – Amazon Original Series: Season 1
October 31
I’ll See You In My Dreams (2015)
New in October – Available for Purchase or Rent on Prime Video                      
October 2
12 Hour Shift (2020)
October 6
Happy Halloween, Scooby-Doo! (2020)
Spontaneous (2020)
October 9
The Doorman (2020)
October 11
Ben 10 vs The Universe: The Movie (2020)
October 13
Batman: Death in the Family (2020)
Fatima (2020)
Greenland (2020)
October 16
Kajillionare (2020)
Love and Monsters (2020)
The Personal History of David Copperfield (2019)
October 27
The Craft (2020)