New Mondo Godzilla Shirts, Pins And Puzzle By Tom Whalen

n collaboration with Toho Studios, we’re pleased to unveil the latest additions in our Godzilla collection, direct from Monster Island. This time, our longtime art ally Tom Whalen has taken the reptilian reins to deliver an incredible slate of creature t-shirts, pins, and even a puzzle.

By Whalen’s own admission, Godzilla and the classic Toho Monsters films were hugely inspirational to him in his formative years. When someone is that enthusiastic about a subject — especially something with as rich of a legacy and history as Godzilla — it’s our sworn duty to turn over the keys to the G-wagon and let the mayhem unfold.

These shirts, pins and puzzle are available now in our Godzilla Collection.

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Jet Jaguar & Hedorah T-Shirts

Designed by Tom Whalen
$25 Each

Product Information
Size Range
Unisex XS-4XL
Shirt Brand
Next Level Apparel

Terror of Mechagodzilla 1000-Piece Puzzle

Artwork by Tom Whalen

Rodan & Mechagodzilla Enamel Pins

Designed by Tom Whalen
$10 Each

Product Information
1.75″ H
1.84″ H
Soft enamel on shiny silver nickel

Shirts, enamel pins and puzzle ship to the United States and Canada only. Shirts, enamel pins expected to ship in 3-5 business days; puzzle expected to ship in November 2020.