NCAA Football Team Builder, Create Legends

NCAA Football 12 

Bored at work, looking for something to pass the time? The ever-popular Team Builder is back for the latest game in the NCAA Football series, and you can create your school online with the web app while you’re away from your Xbox or PS3!

With Team Builder you can customize everything, like logos, uniforms, fields, stadiums, mascots, programs and rosters. When you’ve made your final touches, share your teams with the world by uploading your creations. Then have a blast and try your new team out on your console!

Go ahead; create your new school now! It’s the perfect time to rekindle those long-lost rivalries or write a new chapter in your dynasty. With Team Builder for NCAA Football 12, you’re the one in control.

Not feeling particularly creative but really yearning to play with your old team? You can easily search for teams made by people around the world and see if the team you’re looking for has already been made. From there it’s just an easy download and you’re ready to roll.

If you haven’t ordered your copy of NCAA Football yet, you can head over to Origin and buy NCAA Football 12 today.