NCAA Basketball 10 Demo Out Now For Xbox Live Gold Members

NCAA Basketball 10

EA Sports has announced that the NCAA Basketball 10 demo is now available for download for you fine folks with Xbox Live Gold subscriptions.  Thank you for flying first class. Those in business class, by which I mean Silver members, get the demo on November 12, while those way back in steerage–you Playstation Network folks–get it a week after that, on November 19, which is one day after the full game itself is out. Haha. Hey, you win some, you lose some. Yesterday you found out you got to play the Battlefield: Bad Company 2 multiplayer demo before anyone else, so, you know, no complaining.

The NCAA Basketball 10 demo lets you play out the rivalry between Duke and North Carolina, two great teams that everyone either loves or loves to hate, except for those of us in the Pac-10, who just flat out hate them.  Where’s the love, EA Sports?  We’re in California!  Why aren’t the beloved Golden Bears in the demo? I’m just saying.  I’m sure the demo is great anyway.

So have at it, Xbox Live gold members. And, ya know, boom goes the dynamite and all that.

For more on NCAA Basketball 10, visit the Official Website.