NBC Sets Lisa Kudrow Produced Reality Series Who Do You Think You Are?

Lisa Kudrow Photo
NBC will team up with executive producer Lisa Kudrow ("Friends," "The Comeback") in conjunction with her production company Is or Isn't Entertainment and the U.K.'s Wall to Wall productions for a unique alternative program "Who Do You Think You Are?" — based on the popular BBC television documentary series created and executive produced by Alex Graham — that will highlight one of America's most beloved celebrities each week and trace their family tree to reveal surprising, extraordinary and moving stories of their ancestors.

The announcement was made today by Craig Plestis, Executive Vice President, Alternative Programming, Development and Specials, NBC Entertainment.

"This engaging new series gives viewers a glimpse into the personal lives of our favorite celebrities allowing us to learn not only more about that individual, but also about our country's history on a grand scale," said Plestis. "I think at the heart of every American is the burning desire to understand who you are and where you came from. We hope this series will inspire our viewers to investigate their own intriguing past."

"The show's combination of wonderful storytelling and powerful emotion has made it a break-out hit with British viewers and we're sure American audiences will love it too," said Alex Graham, creator and executive producer. "We're thrilled that a star of the caliber of Lisa Kudrow has such faith in the show that she wanted to be a part of the creative team. We're looking forward to a great relationship with Lisa's company and with NBC."

Each episode will take viewers on an inspiring, emotional and personal journey following one of America's best-known celebrities into his or her past, sharing the celebrity's emotion and surprise as they uncover stories of heroism and tragedy, love and betrayal, passion and intrigue that lie at the heart of their family story. At the same time, the series celebrates the making of our great nation and the people who made their way here in search of freedom and opportunity. As each one discovers their unknown relatives, the show will take the audience back into history around the world and show how the lives of everyone's collective ancestors' have shaped today's world. The series uses genealogy to unravel the major themes in history's great stories while incorporating a charming and captivating narrative to link the tales as they unfold.