MYTHBUSTERS Comic Con Panel Recap

Mythbusters Comic Con
Photo: Mark Davis/CBS ©2010 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.

MYTHBUSTERS Rock San Diego Comic-Con, Plan For  More Seasons

Haven Review By : TAMARA BROOKS

In true spirit of the show, the MYTHBUSTERS panel kicked off with a special video compilation of explosions set to the 1812 Overture much to the delight of a very enthusiastic, packed crowd.

Craig Ferguson’s robo-sidekick Geoff Peterson did some schtick and introduced moderator and well-renowned nerd Chris Hardwick before being carted off despite his protests.

Before the cast came out, clips from the new season starting this fall were aired in the guise of a big budget trailer with epic music. The dramatic title cards read, “Three Rules: 1. It never stops; 2. The truth will be tested; 3. And just don’t feed him after midnight (shot of Jamie Hyneman). This season…all the rules get broken.” Quick shots of some tests included spiders crawling on Grant Imahara’s head, Kari Byron preparing to eat a bug, and, of course, explosions.

The whole cast was on hand for the first time in Comic-Con history, this also being Kari’s first time attending. They all love it with Tory stating the “instant feedback” makes all their “toil and sweat” in the shop worth it.

Mythbusters Comic Con
Photo: Mark Davis/CBS ©2010 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.

The Highlights:

Adam Savage announced they signed up for at least seven more seasons. Could they run out of myths? Grant says, “You just surf the internet. It really works.”

Grant has a robot apocalypse emergency kit set up. Says he’ll perfect EMP and sell it on his website.

Jamie says they get accosted in the streets but Adam more since he thinks people are kind of afraid of him (Jamie).

Pretty much everything they’ve built, they’ve always built themselves. Adam says,”It’s faster for me to build it than explain to someone how to build it.”   Tory chimes in, “Sometimes I want a double for all the stunts I do. ” “They’re not stunts when you fall off of something,” Kari replies.

Also in the clip was a Classic Sports Car (read: Porsche) myth. As a kid, Adam heard a particular  model was more aerodynamic backward than forward so they took the chassis off and turned it backwards and raced it with a regular Classic Sports Car going 100 to 120 mph.

Jamie is delighted they’ve had an impact on critical thinking and that fans have picked science based careers after watching the show but it’s not what they set out to do.

Kari filmed pregnant up to 10 months.  “With all those explosions and gunshots I wouldn’t come out either,” says Grant.

Grant’s been working on Geoff Peterson upgrades so Peterson will have articulated eyes soon.

They aired a rough cut of an upcoming tornado myth that featured Adam standing behind the the engines of a 747 in Batman replica Kevlar armor while Jamie tested a self-designed tornado shield. The tornado shield ended up being whipped off of Jamie but they did make improvements and tested it again. We’ll have to watch the episode to find out what happened.

The Science Channel will air episodes 4-5pm with all the commercials replaced by HEADRUSH, a short show hosted by Kari that has science demos and quizzes focused at 6th graders.

Adam had  the whole audience go “booop” at the same time for no real reason.

MYTHBUSTERS airs on the Discovery Channel and will return with new episodes in the Fall of 2010