A Digital Monument Dedicated To Michael Jackson

The sudden, tragic and premature death of Michael Jackson has shaken the music world. His albums are still breaking records and are world famous., is a new platform that sheds light on the digital legacy of the King of Pop’s music. Unpublished recordings, art, poems and much more make the platform the first and best resource for fans.

The New Platform Offers Unprecedented, Multimedia Insights Into the Life of the King of Pop

Numerous musicologists were involved in the development of to make the project as detailed as possible. Technical experts also developed an app that is particularly intuitive to use which makes it very user-friendly. Short videos show Michael Jackson in his private life, as a musician, artist and poet. All videos are divided into the corresponding categories so that fans know where to find everything at a glance.

In addition to the app, there is a website that offers further content. Fans can watch the videos on the big screen and become part of Michael Jackson’s world themselves. In order to use and optimize the multimedia platform, the premium account currently costs $20 per year. In return, customers get full access to all content. Gradually, the creators are publishing more and more videos and articles for fans. wants to offer fans a digital monument that has never been seen before.

All profits generated by the site are transferred to the purposefully established foundation. The MyIdol Foundation is dedicated to education and inspiration. To make it short, the foundation is currently building schools for disadvantaged children so that they have access to good education. Equal opportunity was already a major issue for Michael Jackson himself, which the foundation that can be found on MyIdol.Foundation is now specifically addressing.

Music, Art and Much More Connects Michael Jackson to Fans

Michael Jackson has gone down in history as one of the greatest musicians. “Thriller” is still one of the most successful albums of all time, and the “Earth Song” is played countless times on the radio every year. In addition, Michael Jackson was ,of course, an entrepreneur, family man and much more. features previously unpublished artwork and poems that show Michael Jackson’s personal, private side.

The connection to his children is also highlighted in a respectful way on, as well as his inspiration and creativity. The goal is to show the multifaceted life of Michael Jackson in detail.

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The King of Pop had many facets, only one of which was the musical genius we knew him to be.

Cutting-edge Technology Brings MJ to Life: “The Story”

The documentary series “The Story” is a completely new format. Using state-of-the-art technology, the makers of have succeeded in creating a modern documentary that showcases unprecedented impressions of the King of Pop. “The Story” is divided into several seasons, which users can watch one by one.

The “Spiritual Journey” is the Most Important Part of

“Spiritual Journey” is a previously unreleased tape that Michael Jackson recorded for his friend Roy Horn. Roy was part of the magician and tamer duo “Siegfried and Roy” and was in a coma after an accident in the early 2000s. During that time, MJ recorded “Spiritual Journey” and dedicated it to Roy. now has the exclusive opportunity to make the song available to the public for the very first time.

In addition to “Spiritual Journey,” the platform also wants to show other, unreleased material that shows fans new sides to their idol. In doing so, the people behind the platform are always concerned with treating Jackson’s legacy respectfully and making the site a “living piece of art” that always provides new content.

Fanart is Part of the Digital Monument

Another important factor in the development of is fanart. Fanart is an important part of the music and celebrity scene. Michael Jackson himself always kept artworks given to him by fans. He saw in it the love and devotion of his fans, who invested a lot of time and heart and soul in the art. wants to allow fans to submit their own fanart online. Fan artwork is to be a big part of the portal in the future. To do this, fans can simply submit their videos, images, texts and audio recordings via an online form. After checking, the platform operators publish as much artwork as possible. Through the fanart, fans can connect with each other and experience how other people around the world see and experience Michael Jackson. Together with the official videos and exhibits, provides a holistic, new look at MJ. At the same time, the platform always remains positive and respectful of the King of Pop’s legacy and family.