My Boys


After a shorter than usual hiatus for our favorite Crowley’s Pub-goers, My Boys returns to TBS tonight with a fantastic premiere that quickly answers the questions we’ve been holding onto since the finale last summer.  But enough about things that I can’t talk about at the request of TBS –

When we last left PJ and the boys, they were all at Bobby’s family ranch, to celebrate Elsa and Bobby’s wedding.  Kenny and Stephanie hooked up, Mike was screwing around with Bobby’s mother’s friend, Andy and Meredith were expecting and baby, and Brando got a job.  PJ was also stuck between Bobby and his brother, Jack.  On the eve of the wedding, if you remember, Bobby showed up at PJ’s room, saying he thinks he was making a mistake, and out popped Jack to ruin the moment.

The premiere takes place immediately after that moment, and that’s all I can say.  What I can tell you, however, is that Andy and Meredith’s baby is born sometime during this episode, Brando is busy working (and is surprised at how much work it is), and our boys grow moustaches in an effort to see who can grow the best one (my money’s on Brendan’s Brandon-Flowers type ‘stache).

While the premiere is more thoughtful and dramatic, the second episode, airing next week, is flat out funny, with a mission gone bad, bootlegged Cinderella, and a moustache that just won’t quit.

Tune into TBS tonight at 9:30 to catch the premiere!