My Boys Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 – Pilot – Original Air Date 11/28/2006

Chicago Sun-Times sports reporter PJ Franklin feels very comfortable in her life, hanging out and playing poker or softball with her group of male friends. But when Bobby, a sports reporter for the Chicago Tribune, joins the gang, she sees a potential new love interest. She only has to seal the deal without coming on too strong. Directed by Barnett Kellman; written by Betsy Thomas.

Episode 2 – Mixed Signals – Original Air Date 11/28/2006

PJ is confused when Bobby gives her a signed baseball as a gift, since she doesn’t know if it’s supposed to signal a new step in their relationship. And when he shows up at a bar with a yoga instructor/dancer on his arm, PJ’s confusion only becomes more overwhelming. Meanwhile, ladies man Mike has his eye on a woman Kenny has been wanting to date. Directed by Barnet Kellman; written by Betsy Thomas.

Episode 3 – Team Chemistry – Original Air Date 12/05/2006

Mike introduces the gang to Amad, and PJ figures he’s a perfect date for her best friend, Stephanie. But Amad prefers PJ. ideas. Mike finds himself feeling a little jealous over the friendship that’s developing between Bobby and Kenny. And while in an “off” phase of his on-again/off-again relationship with Wendy, Brendan starts dating one of his fans, who quickly overstays her welcome. Directed by Matthew Diamond; written by Cindy Caponera.

Episode 4 – The Slump – Original Air Date 12/05/2006

Brendan, Kenny and Mike are in a slump as far as dating is concerned, so they head out to a local pick-up bar, but PJ’s insistence on going along messes with their mojo. Stephanie decides PJ needs to get in touch with her feminine side and invites her to have drinks at a swanky hotel, where PJ proceeds to find a way out of her own slump. Directed by Victor Nelli Jr.; written by Eric Gilliland

Episode 5 – The Show – Original Air Date 12/12/2006

PJ’s relationship with her new boyfriend, Hank, seems to be going along perfectly, leaving the rest of the gang without a place to hang out and play poker. Brendan has not only decided to get back together with his on-again/off-again girlfriend Wendy, but also feels he’s ready to take their relationship to a new level. And Andy has been persuaded by his wife to move out to the suburbs. Directed by Robert Duncan McNeill; written by Rick Singer.

Episode 6 – Clubhouse Poison – Original Air Date 12/12/2006

PJ ambushes her new boyfriend, Hank, into hanging out with the guys, while Kenny invites his too-eager-to-please friend Trouty. And Brendan’s fiancée, Wendy, invites PJ for drinks, even though the two have very little in common. Directed by Arlene Sanford; written by Courtney Lilly.

Episode 7 – Free Agent –  Original Air Date 12/19/2006

It’s the big night of the decathlon, an annual competition that pits PJ and Kenny against Mike and Brendan in a series of 10 games over five nights. PJ gets Andy to take her place in the competition, but his playing skills leave a lot to be desired. And PJ’s relationship with Hank starts to show some cracks, especially after a work trip she takes with Bobby. Directed by Victor Nelli Jr.; written by Rob Ulin.

Episode 8 – Superstar Treatment – Original Air Date 12/19/2006

Mike has a new girlfriend named Dani, a real looker who has the guys quite smitten. But she rubs PJ the wrong way, and there’s something about her that seems very familiar to Brendan. Jack Brisco, a top sportswriter, steals some of PJ’s material. And Andy and his wife are taking a wine-tasting class. Directed by Arvin Brown; written by Brendan Smith.

Episode 9 – Managers – Original Air Date 12/26/2006

Andy has a weekend off while his wife is out of town and decides to really let loose like he did in the old days, which may be a little more than PJ can handle. Kenny finally lands a date with a very attractive girl. And Stephanie tries a new extreme diet. Directed by Don Scardino; written by Courtney Lilly.

Episode 10 – Love of the Game – Original Air Date 12/26/2006

Trouty arranges to get the gang into an exclusive new nightclub, whose owner has aggressive eyes for PJ. But the situation gets complicated when Trouty finds out how they really feel about him. Meanwhile, Stephanie’s new dating tactics don’t have the results she was wanted. And Andy is dreading an impending move to the suburbs. Directed by Keith Truesdell; written by Eric Gilliland.

Episode 11 – When Heroes Fall From Grace – Original Air Date 12/27/2006

PJ’s eccentric and freewheeling Aunt Phyllis comes for a visit and gets a little too close to Kenny for PJ’s comfort. Mike and Bobby meet one of their heroes, a former Major League pitcher. And Brendan’s relationship with Wendy hits another snag when the wedding plans become too much for him to handle. Directed by Barnet Kellman; written by Cindy Caponera.

Episode 12 – Released – Original Air Date 12/27/2006

PJ gets roped into a dinner with a nerdy former classmate, then gets upset when he doesn’t call her back, which leads to an even stickier situation. Bobby finds out that there’s going to be a shake-up in the Cubs front office and that Mike’s job might be in jeopardy. And Brendan decides to swear off alcohol in light of his recent breakup. Directed by David Trainer; Written by Rick Singer.

Episode 13 – Baseball Myths – Original Air Date 12/28/2006

Andy’s wife, Meredith, decides to throw Andy a party at the gang’s regular watering hole, and the gang is shocked to find out she’s nothing like the way Andy describes. As Meredith prepares for the party, PJ and the gang take Andy for an eventful trip to Wrigley Field. Meanwhile, PJ and Brendan’s past comes to light when the gang finds out they once kissed  in college, but PJ’s recollection of the event doesn’t match Brendan’s. And a shadow from Kenny’s past by the name of “Mexican Freddie” may be out to get him. Directed by Arlene Sanford; written by Courtney Lilly & Brendan Smith.

Episode 14 – The Promise of a New Season – Original Air Date 07/30/2007

The kiss between PJ and Brendan last year still causes tension between the two. Meanwhile, Kenny has a new pregnant girlfriend named Kimmie. And Andy is getting used to life in the suburbs, including the long commute that comes with it. Directed by Victor Nelli Jr.; written by Betsy Thomas.

Episode 15 – Off Day – Original Air Date 07/30/2007

PJ is invited to appear as a guest on a local cable sports show, while Stephanie tries to convince her to go on a trip to Italy in October with the boyfriends they hope to find by then. Andy tries to find a solution to his commuting issues on poker night. Directed by Barnet Kellman; written by Brendan Smith.

Episode 16 – Ethics – Original Air Date 08/06/2007

Brandon is chosen as one of Chicago’s Top 50 Sexiest Bachelors while PJ contemplates an ethically questionable relationship with the new Cubs pitcher. And Trouty makes an appearance in an unexpected place. Directed by Arlene Sanford; written by Eric Gilliland.

Episode 17 – Who wants to be a Millionaire -  Original Air Date 08/13/2007

Stephanie runs into money problems after accumulating quite a bit of debt, but accountant Andy is coming to the rescue. Meanwhile, the gang learns that Bobby comes from a wealthy family and this revelation changes their entire perspective on him. Mike is taking a yoga class in an upscale neighborhood, but his mind isn’t exactly on fitness. And Kenny’s new girlfriend is a bit mysterious. Directed by Victor Nelli Jr.; written by Sebastian Jones.

Episode 18 – Second Chances – Original Air Date 08/20/2007

Thorn, a war correspondent and a former flame of PJ’s, is coming through town, igniting old passions a chance to get back together. Mike is having difficulty finding a new job and finally convinces Kenny to let him help out in his store. But Mike’s idea of helping isn’t exactly what Kenny had in mind. Stephanie is going to debt counseling, but her counselor Lance is torturing her. And Brendan is avoiding his current girlfriend’s calls because he wants to keep his options open. Directed by Barnet Kellman; written by Courtney Lilly.

Episode 19 – Douchebag in the City – Original Air Date 08/27/2007

PJ’s first editor from her college newspaper comes to town with three close friends in tow. PJ realizes quickly that their friendship has changed over time. Brendan has a new friend who is completely obnoxious and condescending, traits Brendan is starting to display himself. Stephanie is starting to find herself smitten with Lance, her debt counselor. Mike makes a bizarre purchase for Kenny’s store. And Andy has a new neighbor who seems way too nice. Directed by Arlene Sanford; written by Ethan Sandler & Adrian Wenner.

 Episode 20 – The Estates of Hoffman – Original Air Date 09/03/2007

Andy invites the gang to come to a housewarming barbecue at his new digs in the suburbs. Once they arrive, PJ realizes her brother’s home is identical in every way to their home when they were kids. Also attending the barbecue are PJ and Andy’s parents: Eileen, their intrusive mother who spoils a big surprise, and Frank, whom Andy is convinced is the future version of himself. Brendan, Kenny and Mike desperately pursue a young single mom while PJ meets a nice young man from the city. Directed by Rob Greenberg; written by Mark Stegemann.

Episode 21 – 110 Percent Solution – Original Air Date 09/10/2007

Stephanie expresses her concern to PJ when she subjects her new love interest, Evan, to a game of poker with the gang, a game during which Evan feels completely invisible. Meanwhile, Andy decides to buy a boat to placate his feelings of not being able to have a place to himself. Unfortunately, however, he decides not to tell his wife, Meredith, about the purchase. And Kenny, Mike, Brendan and the rest of the gang try to one-up each other by comparing pain thresholds. Directed by Victor Nelli Jr.; written by Eric Gilliland.

Episode 22 – Rome, If You Want To – Original Air Date 09/10/2007

Italy is just days away, and PJ still doesn’t have a date. But it isn’t for lack of opportunities, as three of the men in her life make welcome but untimely returns, including botanist Evan, globe-trotting reporter Thorn Packer and Cubs player Matt Dougan. Meanwhile, the gang decides to be tourists in their hometown taking in all the Chicago sites they’ve never seen, such as the Art Institute and the Sears Tower. And Andy has some surprising, life-changing news involving his new boat, his pregnant wife and their house in the suburbs. Directed by Betsy Thomas; written by Sebastian Jones.