MY BOYS Kellee Stewart Interview

Kellee Stewart My Boys Photo
Chit Chat Gal got a chance to talk with Kellee Stewart, PJ’s gal pal Stephanie from TBS’s smash hit comedy series “My Boys.” The one hour season finale airs tonight at 10PM ET/PT over on TBS.

How similar are you to your character Stephanie? Have you based her on way anyone in particular?
I am very similar to Stephanie in that I am very girlie, always looking for love and will drink cocktails over beer any day, but where we are different is that I am a T-shirt and Jeans girl. This character was written so well as this sassy, feminine just go for it girl and so I haven’t really had to go and base her on anyone. We have all gotten really lucky in that the writers are so great on this show and as we have gone on they have started to incorporate parts of my personality into her as well as incorporating everyone else into their characters too.
I have done some interviews with other cast members and they have let the cat out of the bag. They told me that the snarky attitude that Stephanie has with Kenny all started at the first table read when you broke out in a little improve. What made you decide to do that? And if you could write the backstory behind why they don’t get along what would you choose as the reason.

[Laughing] That is funny. What happened is I was the last person to be cast on ‘My Boys’ so I went in and did a screen test and as I was walking out to the parking lot my agent called and said you got the job but you need to go back right now because they are doing the first table read today. I was in such a whirlwind. So excited and so nervous because everyone else already had the chance to get to know one another and looked like they got along so well. So my first line was ‘Hi Mike’, and then ‘Hi Kenny’ and I thought you know when you have such a big group of friends there are always those two that just don’t get a long as well as everyone else so why not it be Stephanie and Kenny. When I said the line I said ‘Hi Mike’ with a smile and then ‘Hi Kenny’ kind of snarky and Michael who plays Kenny just with no pause gave this look back at me that would confirm that they didn’t get a long and he just went with it. So the dislike was born from there.
As far as what the history is I don’t know. PJ and Kenny dated for a little while in the past so maybe he did something that upset Stephanie or maybe Kenny and Stephanie hooked up and no one knows but it just didn’t work. I would love for the writers to do an episode where each person has a theory as to why they don’t get along and than in the last few seconds of the episode it is revealed. I know the writers will do something eventually.
What is your favorite behind the scenes moment?
Anything that Jim does cracks me up. He is seriously the funniest guy. I would have to say that watching the Poker scenes really are the best moments. I am never in the poker portion of the scenes but I like to stick around and watch the filming because you are guaranteed to laugh. The guys are so funny with one another. They give each other a ton of crap and are totally friends who will punch one another in the shoulder and just raz each other. They totally improv and try and get each other to mess up. It is so great.
So speaking of improv, how much do you guys get to do and how much makes the final cut?
We usually get to do a little improv for all the scenes. We film it completely to the script a few times and than they usually let us go at it to see where it will go. Sometimes it makes the final cut and sometimes it doesn’t.

You don’t usually get to do much with the boys on the show will that change?

Being a part of PJ’s life means you have to accept the guys into your life as well so as you have seen this year Stephanie has been around a bit more and I think she will continue to but I also think it is good for PJ to have those one one one girl moments where you can see her feminine side.
Have you loved working for TBS?
TBS is so embracing and has given us the time to be creative and make this show fantastic. They allow us to make people laugh and I don’t know that a network would let us grow the way they have. And I think the audience response has been fantastic.
A little off topic from My Boys but I know that you were in the movie “Guess Who” with Bernie Mac and Ashton Kutcher. What was that like working with those two comedians?

It was my first movie and such a fantastic experience. It was great working with Bernie Mac who has a very “old school” style. He is always on time and he just knows how to tell the joke and make it work. He knew this was my first movie and he really took me under his wing and gave me tons of advice that I will cherish. Ashton is a total fool [Laughs] he is so funny and such a great person and a lot of fun to work with. I also did an episode of Punk’d where we punk’d one of our co-stars and we just had so much fun working together.
When do you find out if you have been picked up for a new season?

I believe we find out in September.