MR. ROBOT Preview: A Paranoid Conspiracy of Who’s Hacking Who

In the USA Network drama MR. ROBOT, a lonely, but brilliant hacker is given the challenge of a lifetime — to shutdown a clever corporate hack or to hide it and become a part of something better.  Starring Rami Malek as Elliot, a hacker with an painful anxiety disorder, Elliot suddenly finds himself caught in a game he does not quite understand.  By day, Elliot works for a high-powered computer security company that helps the corporate giants protect their vaults of data; by night, Elliot tracks the underbelly of internet criminals and makes them pay.  No porn king, cheating spouse, fake date or other miscreant is safe.  Not seduced by money, Elliot believes the bulk of humanity beneath him.  But his one weakness are the women he seeks to protect: Angela (Portia Doubleday), a childhood friend who got him a job, and Christine (Gloria Reuben), his well-meaning therapist.  He even cyber-stalks their lackluster boyfriends and if he finds something out of place, it will not go well for them.

But one day, a powerful cyber-attack provides Elliot with an interesting conundrum: to kill the hack or to merely hide it, and if he does, he will find himself caught up in a game that could topple the world as we know it — or he may be just a pawn in a game that even he cannot fathom.  But with his own paranoid delusions distracting him at every turn, Elliot is not sure just what he can believe.

When he is finally approached by a man calling himself Mr. Robot (Christian Slater), Elliot allows himself to be drawn into his conspiracy-filled world, if only to see what it entails.  But then things seem to spiral out of control and Elliot is left wondering if (a) it was all a delusional dream, or (b) maybe he has been tricked into believing it was all real.

MR. ROBOT is a dark look at the underbelly of those who troll the internet from the low-life criminals to high-powered corporations.  It also offers an unlikely hero through whose eyes we see this murky world of bytes and twisted secrets. Elliot is not your typical hero, but his heart is in the right place.  For all his social anxiety, inability to fit in, and piercing moments of loneliness, we still see a lost soul trying to do the right thing with the skills he has.  

You are invited to get to know Elliot and see what tangled web he finds himself suddenly caught in and if there is any escape in MR. ROBOT.   A sneak peek of the first episode of MR. ROBOT will be available online starting Wednesday, May 27th through a wide array of platforms, including English and Hispanic VOD, Digital and TVE Platforms, Xfinity On Demand, as well as iTunes, Amazon, XBox, Google Play, Vudu, PlayStation, M-GO, YouTube, Hulu,, Twitch, Crave Online, IMDb,, The,,,

MR. ROBOT will then debut in its regular timeslot, starting Wednesday, June 24th at 10:00 p.m. on USA Network.  It  will also be simulcast on NBC UNIVERSO with subtitles that same night.  Just how dark and deep will the rabbit hole go, follow Elliot and find out!