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Morrissey B Sides Album SWORDS To Be Released November 3rd

Morrissey B Sides Album SWORDS To Be Released November 3rd


2009 has been quite a year for Morrissey. He’s toured relentlessly, performing to sold-out audiences around the world. His 9th studio album, Years Of Refusal, saw Morrissey tie his highest US chart debut on the Billboard 200, and he’s overseen upgraded and remastered versions of his ’90s works Southpaw Grammar and Maladjusted. Crowning what is undoubtedly his most productive year since his solo career began in 1988, SWORDS compiles 18 select songs released as b-sides of his 13 hit singles from his last four albums.

As an artist who has always ensured his b-sides are of as outstanding quality as his singles and album tracks, SWORDS features some of Morrissey’s finest material. 12 songs are collaborations with guitarist Alain Whyte, the rest co-written with guitarists Boz Boorer and Jesse Tobias, and former keyboardist Michael Farrell. In keeping with the three remarkable studio albums covered in this period — 2004’s You Are The Quarry, 2006’s Ringleader Of The Tormentors and Years Of Refusal — the music is powerful and adventurous. The richness and expression of Morrissey’s voice has never been greater. With unmatchable style, wit and insight, truths beneath the surface are laid bare. There are moments of personal reflection: “Munich Air Disaster 1958,” for example, is a heartrending lament for the Manchester United players who died in the infamous plane crash, and for those who were left behind. The live cover version of David Bowie’s 1973 song “Drive-In Saturday” reveals a little more of Morrissey’s own teenage self, with its lyrics of amorous confusion modified to rhapsodize over The New York Dolls rather than the Rolling Stones. Chrissie Hynde makes a rare appearance, singing backing vocals on “Shame Is The Name.”

The album was compiled by Morrissey who is surely in the rudest of creative health. They’re subtly assembled and sequenced — the feeling of approaching extinction in the beautiful “The Never-Played Symphonies” followed by a promise of a reunion in the afterlife on “Sweetie-Pie.” As Morrissey said of the Tour Of Refusal in March, “all of our answers will be in our songs.”

Initial quantities of SWORDS will come with a bonus disc featuring eight superb live performances recorded in Warsaw in July this year. This will include songs from Morrissey’s last two albums and 1994’s Vauxhall And I, plus The Smiths’ “You Just Haven’t Earned It Yet, Baby,” first heard on the group’s 1986 b-side collection The World Won’t Listen. In October and November, Morrissey and his band will also tour the UK and Europe, with new American dates scheduled for later in the year.

SWORDS will be released in the UK on October 26th and November 3rd in the US.

SWORDS Tracklist:

Good Looking Man About Town

Don’t Make Fun Of Daddy’s Voice

If You Don’t Like Me, Don’t Look At Me


My Dearest Love

The Never-Played Symphonies


Christian Dior

Shame Is The Name

Munich Air Disaster 1958

I Knew I Was Next

It’s Hard To Walk Tall When You’re Small

Teenage Dad On His Estate

Children In Pieces

Friday Mourning

My Life Is A Succession Of People Saying Goodbye

Drive-In Saturday

Because Of My Poor Education

Limited edition bonus disc:

Black Cloud

I’m Throwing My Arms Around Paris

I Just Want To See The Boy Happy

Why Don’t You Find Out For Yourself

One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell

See Also

You Just Haven’t Earned It Yet, Baby

Life Is A Pigsty

I’m OK By Myself

SWORDS Tour Dates:

11/29: Seattle, WA @ Paramount

11/30: Portland, OR @ Roseland Theatre

12/2: Oakland, CA @ Paramount

12/4: Indio, CA @ Fantasy Springs

12/5: Las Vegas, NV @ The Joint

12/7: Pomona, CA @ Fox Theatre

12/8: San Diego, CA @ Copley Symphony Hall

12/10: Los Angeles, CA @ Gibson Amphitheatre

12/11: Ventura, CA @ Ventura Theatre

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