Moonlight Season 1 Episode Guide

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Episode 1 – No Such Thing As Vampires – Original Air Date – 09/28/2007

TV Ratings : 8.62 Million Viewers | Adults 18-49: 2.5/8

At the crime scene of a murdered college student, Mick St. John meets internet reporter Beth Turner. Though two puncture wounds to the neck make it appear that the young coed was killed by vampires, Mick knows that this wasn’t the case, because he detects no smell of vampire on her. Together, Mick and Beth find the girl's professor, a self-proclaimed vampire who uses his knowledge of vampire lore to seduce college coeds. A second killing brings them no closer to an answer. Beth goes undercover to see what else she can find out about the enigmatic professor, and finds herself in danger. Fortunately, Mick comes to her rescue, using his vampire strength to overcome the true villain.

As the story unfolds, we discover that Mick has met Beth before: he saved her when she was a child. Beth has no idea, but he has been keeping an eye on her, and now that she's in the public eye as a reporter, he is increasingly concerned for her safety.

Episode 2 – Out Of The Past – Original Air Date – 10/05/2007

TV Ratings : 8.25 Million Viewers | Adults 18-49: 2.2/7 

Convicted killer Lee Jay Spalding is released from prison after serving 25 years for murdering his girlfriend. Mick is furious, not only because he knows Spalding isn't the reformed man he pretends to be, but also because Mick feels responsible: he was supposed to protect the woman Spalding killed, and he didn't take the responsibility seriously enough. Spalding also knows Mick is a vampire and will undoubtedly be out to get him. Further complicating Spalding's release is that Beth's good friend Julia has written a book portraying him as a great man and implicating Mick. Mick's worst fears come true and he, along with Beth, must rescue Julia. In the end, Beth learns that Mick is a vampire.

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Episode 3 – Dr. Feelgood – Original Air Date – 10/12/2007

TV Ratings : 7.30 Million Viewers | Adults 18-49: 2.0/6  

Now that she knows he’s a vampire, things are tense between Mick and Beth. Beth works hard to wrap her mind around this new information about her friend. The two team up to find a killer who turns out to be a newly turned vampire, a newbie who hasn't been taught how to understand or to handle his urges and is in a killing rage. As they race to find the newbie, they also encounter his sire, the vampire who turned him and didn’t stick around to train him. Finally, Mick reveals to Beth how one becomes a vampire and tells her the sad story of how he was turned by his new bride, now ex-wife, Coraline.

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Episode 4 – Fever – Original Air Date – 10/19/2007

TV Ratings : 7.78 Million Viewers | Adults 18-49: 2.1/7   

Beth's boyfriend Josh is prosecuting powerful arms dealer Amir Fayed for murder, but because of a leak in his department, Josh’s star witness, Leni Hayes, is in serious danger. When Fayed’s hit man raids the safe house where Leni has been hiding, she flees to the desert, and Josh enlists Mick to locate and protect her. Mick finds Leni in the desert just before the hit man arrives, but to evade the killer, the pair must flee into the desert, where they get stranded. The blazing desert sun takes its toll on Mick, who grows progressively weaker. They hole up in an abandoned motel, and Mick persuades Leni to call Beth. Realizing that Mick has had prolonged exposure to sunlight and is near death, Beth rushes to his side and, overcoming her fear, allows him to feed off her just long enough to restore his life force. Leni returns to testify, and Fayed is convicted.

Episode 5 – Arrested Development – Original Air Date – 10/26/2007

TV Ratings : 8.56 Million Viewers | Adults 18-49: 2.4/7  

Mick has been successfully avoiding Beth ever since he was forced to take her blood to revive him in the desert. Fate steps in, however: their paths cross when Mick takes a case to find a young woman, and Beth has a story about a possible serial killer who has relocated to Los Angeles. Despite the initial awkwardness, the two agree to work together when they realize that the serial killer's next targeting is the young woman Mick is searching for. The killer turns out to be a teenage vampire: though he's 200 years old, he's trapped forever as a teenager and has channeled his perpetual adolescent rage into killing prostitutes. Beth and Mick are able to save the young woman just before the vamp dispatches her, but the vamp escapes. Feeling compassion for the vamp, but still determined to stop him, Mick gives chase. Once they meet in an amusement park and launch into a fangs-out battle, the teenage vampire proves to be incredibly strong and almost gets the better of Mick. Just as Mick is about to succumb, fate intervenes again, and the killer is decapitated by a passing roller coaster car. Later, when Beth encounters Mick as he tries to slip away unnoticed, they kiss.

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Episode 6 – B.C. – Original Air Date – 11/02/2007

TV Ratings : 7.57 Million Viewers | Adults 18-49: 2.1/7

After their first kiss, Mick and Beth have gone back to avoiding one another, but that’s about to change. Josef asks Mick to find Lola, a vampire with whom he's had an on-again, off-again relationship for 100 years; meanwhile, Beth is doing a story on a model who died of a drug overdose during a photo shoot. Both investigations lead to the morgue, where Beth and Mick meet again. It's awkward at first, but they soon realize that their cases are related: they end up working together as Josef's "booty call" turns out to be the drug dealer, who has been killing other vampires to drain their blood and selling it to humans as a drug. The vamp blood makes a human feel a bit like a vampire, powerful and sexy, but it can easily lead to fatal overdose. Curious, Beth tries the drug and, under its influence, tries to seduce Mick. Mick is very tempted, but he knows she isn't herself; it takes all his strength to resist her. Later, when Beth learns that Josh and the police are about to raid the warehouse where Lola's crew cooks up the drug, she tips Mick off. He manages to beat Josh to the punch, blowing up Lola and her operation before the cops nab her and discover that she’s a vampire.

Episode 7 – The Ringer – Original Air Date – 11/09/2007

TV Ratings : 7.96 Million Viewers | Adults 18-49: 2.5/7

Beth asks Mick to help her photographer friend Morgan track down her expensive cameras, which were recently stolen from her apartment. Mick is completely thrown, because Morgan is a dead ringer for his ex-wife and sire, Coraline, whom Mick killed years ago. But Mick’s vampiric sense of smell tells him that Morgan is human, so she can’t be Coraline. The case gets even more twisted when Morgan has photographs she took during a fire of a man killing a woman, a scene that replicates the way in which Mick killed Coraline. As he investigates the case of the missing cameras and the murder, Mick is also trying to figure out whether Morgan is really Coraline and how she might have "cured" herself from being a vampire. Beth is reluctant to admit it, even to herself, but she gets a little jealous over Mick’s obvious fascination with the alluring Morgan. Mick tries to expose Morgan as Coraline, but finally comes to believe, reluctantly, that Morgan is a doppleganger, not the real thing. The deciding factor: Coraline had a fleur de lis tattooed on her shoulder, but Morgan’s shoulder is unmarked. Later, alone in her loft, Morgan takes a shower and carefully scrubs away the heavy makeup that has been covering her shoulder tattoo: it’s a fleur de lis. Though he doesn’t yet know it, Mick was right all along: Morgan is really Coraline.  

Episode 8 – 12:04 AM – Original Air Date – 11/16/2007

TV Ratings : 8.20 Million Viewers | Adults 18-49: 2.7/8

Beth gets close to Audrey, a young woman who is the sole survivor of a brutal attack on her family when she was just 10 years old. They meet and bond at the killer's execution and, because of her own childhood experience of being kidnapped, Beth feels very protective. The killer's cult followers vow to avenge their leader's dying wish that those responsible for his execution also be put to death. When Audrey claims the killer called her after his execution, Beth asks Mick to investigate this possibility and to protect her. Mick learns that the executed killer was turned into a vampire right before his execution, which allowed him to survive the “fatal” injection and gives him the opportunity to fulfill his goal of killing everyone who put him in prison. One of those people is, of course, Audrey, and she and Beth hole up in Mick’s apartment, which has a beefed-up security system. While Mick is out, Beth snoops around and realizes that Mick was the mysterious man who saved her from her kidnapper when she was a child. She doesn’t yet realize that Coraline was the kidnapper. The killer vamp breaks into the apartment and goes after Audrey, but Beth gets in the way. Just as the vamp is about to dispatch her, Mick returns and decapitates him, saving Beth once again.

Episode 9 – Fleur De Lis – Original Air Date – 11/23/2007

TV Ratings : 7.33 Million Viewers | Adults 18-49: 2.2/6

Mick takes a case investigating whether the new young wife of wealthy businessman Richard Haggans is cheating on him. As kind of an apology, he offers Morgan the job of being his surveillance photographer, a job that comes with a hefty fee. As Mick and Morgan work together, Beth takes it upon herself to research Morgan's back-story. Now that she knows Mick's ex-wife, Coraline, was her kidnapper, Beth wants to know everything about her, including whether Coraline has found a cure and become human, returning to Mick's life as Morgan. Mick and Morgan discover that Haggans’ wife is having an affair with his son and that the pair are plotting to kill him. They manage to save Haggans just before his wife and son kill him. Meanwhile, Beth finds incontrovertible proof that Morgan is Coraline and is planning something. She races to Mick's apartment to tell him, only to find Morgan/Coraline coming out of his shower. Thinking Morgan and Mick have gotten together and that Morgan is a vampire, Beth stakes her, but Morgan starts bleeding to death.

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Episode 10 – Sleeping Beauty – Original Air Date – 12/14/2007

TV Ratings : 7.63 Million Viewers | Adults 18-49: 2.1/6

Having been staked by Beth, Coraline/Morgan is unconscious in the hospital, barely alive. Mick and Beth are keeping quiet about how the patient sustained the highly unusual chest wound. Later, when Morgan is alone with the doctor, she wakens for a few moments and, when the doctor's back is turned, bares her fangs. She is still a vampire, but her blood indicates that she's human.

Across town, a stranger breaks into Josef's office and sets off a firebomb, but Josef manages to escape unharmed. Mick and Beth work together to find out who is trying to kill Josef. They learn that the hit man was hired by a wealthy, dying old man seeking revenge because Josef killed his daughter in 1955. Although Josef has been closemouthed about his relationship with the woman, he finally tells his tale. Josef fell in love with a human and tried to turn her so they could be together forever, but it didn't go right: instead of turning, she ended up in a coma. Josef has been keeping her alive and cared for, but lost in a coma, in a well-appointed New York apartment all these years. This is why Josef believes Mick and Beth can never work.

Back at the hospital, the doctor sees Coraline's heart monitor flatline, but when she runs to check her patient, she's greeted by an empty bed, an empty room.

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Episode 11 – Love Lasts Forever – Original Air Date – 01/11/2008

TV Ratings : 8.38 Million Viewers | Adults 18-49: 2.3/7

After Beth's life is threatened, Josh decides to back down from prosecuting a drug lord. But when Beth insists he proceed, Josh goes forward with his case and the drug lord makes an attempt on Beth's life. Fortunately, Beth is with Mick as they research the blood Mick took from Coraline, and she isn't harmed. In a fury, the gang leader goes after Josh, kidnapping him. Mick and Beth pursue them, but Josh is critically wounded during the rescue attempt. Mick and Beth rush Josh to the hospital, but it's clear he's not going to make it. Beth begs Mick to turn Josh into a vampire in order to save him. When Mick refuses, Beth is furious and despondent over his decision.

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Episode 12 – The Mortal Cure – Original Air Date – 01/18/2008

TV Ratings : 8.33 Million Viewers | Adults 18-49: 2.3/7

In the aftermath of Josh's death, Beth is still angry with Mick for not turning Josh. Things become even more complicated when Beth learns that Josh had been planning to propose to her. Reluctantly, she turns to Mick, only to find him preoccupied with Coraline and the cure.

Mick discovers Coraline has been working with a scientist on a compound he believes could be the cure. But Mick's search is thwarted by Lance, an ancient vampire who is hell bent on destroying Mick, Coraline and the cure. Briefly, Mick gets a taste of being human again, but he's unable to share his experience with Beth since she refuses to see him.

Episode 13 – Fated To Pretend – Original Air Date – 04/25/2008