Monster Hunt 2 Film Review

Monster Hunt 2 is one of the few films that has the right blend of CGI and live action. This film is a sequel to Monster Hunt which is the highest grossing film in China that was released in 2015. It involves a storyline of ancient times where monsters and humans co-existed. Let’s see more about the film.

An adventurous story

Monster Hunt 2 starts where the original story ended – Wuba being sent to the monster world to find its destiny. For those who don’t know, Wuba is a cute little-radish like creature and is one of the major reasons for the film to be a hit. This animated character which communicates with squeaks and giggles. It is born of human parents and is said to have a crucial role in uniting the monster and human world.

Coming to the story, the human parents Xiaolan and Tianyin realise their mistake and decide to rescue their monster child. At the same time, Wuba struggles to escape from the clutches of the evil monsters and befriends BenBen who has the power to become invisible by camouflaging. Finally, like most of the feel-good films, everyone joins hands and defeats the evil forces.

What can you expect in this film?

First and the foremost factor that leaves the viewers in awe is the CGI. Shots involving live action and CGI characters are hard to direct and harder to make but Monster Hunt 2 has scored very well in this aspect. The second thing is the humour elements, it has made the whole realistic and acceptable.

Director and crew

The success of the visual side of the film is because of the director Raman Hui who is a famous animator and a co-director of Shrek the Third. The script of the film is done by a three-member writing team along with the director. The costume design team should be given to special thanks for designing great semi-mythological costumes. Bai Baihe and Jing Boran who handled leading roles have delivered matured responses.

The financial success of the film

The film pre-sold US$7.8 million tickets only for its opening day and is said to have increased to US$11.3 million before fourteen days of the release. It also made a record-breaking opening collection of US$190 million. The film had a budget of US$143 million and made a box office of US$361.7 million.


The director and the producer of the film said that they have planned an animated story after the fourth film. They both have said this and added that it could be a potential spin-off. Monster Hunt 2 is a great entertainer and has stunning graphics and plenty of humorous elements – says Sailor Bingo which has a great reputation as one of the best internet bingo UK sites. Overall the film has an above average rating and is worth recommending.