MONOPOLY®: “The Office” Collector’s Edition, hits store shelves this June and is the first and only game that combines the classic risk taking, deal making MONOPOLY® game play with the popular television comedy where fans of the comedy will vie for control of their favorite “Office” locations.  “The Office” MONOPOLY® game is made by USAOPOLY under license from Hasbro® and NBC Universal Television, DVD, Music and Consumer Products Group and Reveille LLC.   The deal was secured by JTMG, the licensing agency for NBC Universal Television Consumer Products Group.

“Fans of ‘The Office’ will love this game,” said John M. Davis, President, USAOPOLY. “From buying, selling and trading memorable locations featured in the show, to traveling the board with any one of six collectible tokens, the game will have family and friends reliving the hilarious episodes in their quest to own it all in the wonderful, wacky world of “The Office.”

“We’re looking to extend the MONOPOLY® brand in fun, unique ways that fans of “The Office” will really identify with,” said Maggie Matthews, Vice President of Marketing, USAOPOLY.  “The cast of quirky characters, iconic locations, custom money called Schrute Bucks, plus Boxes and Reams of Paper, standing-in for the classic MONOPOLY® houses and hotels, gives fans a fantasy hands-on experience of being part of ‘The Office’.”

“We are really pleased to launch another great game for ‘The Office” with USAOPOLY,” said Kim Niemi, Senior Vice President, NBC Universal Television Consumer Products Group.  “The off-beat humor of the show, cast of characters and settings provide great fodder for games that we know are sure to be a hit with fans and collectors alike.”

This new take on the classic MONOPOLY® game transforms the traditional game board properties into popular locations in “The Office” such as Dunder Mifflin Scranton or Michael’s Condo.  In addition, players might land on “RUDIT-DIT-D’DOO!” (Community Chest), “That’s what she said!” (Chance), Donation to Rabies Fun Run (Luxury Tax), or Buy a Hug from Phyllis at Crime Aid Auction (Income Tax).

Traditional MONOPOLY® real estate, railroads and utilities are replaced with “The Office” locations vehicles and businesses that include:

·        Dunder Mifflin Corporate NY (Boardwalk)

·        Dunder Mifflin Scranton (Park Place)

·        Dunder Mifflin Stamford, Vance Refrigeration, Café Disco (Green properties)

·        Schrute Farms, Michael’s Condo, Pam & Jim’s House (Yellow properties)

·        Taekwondo Dojo, Lake Scranton, Slater Falls Hotel (Red properties)

·        Company Picnic Park, David Wallace’s House, Scranton Mall (Orange properties)

·        Scranton Business School, Scranton Art Center, Scranton Hospital (Magenta properties)

·        Dunder Mifflin Nashua, Angela’s House, Darryl’s House (Light Blue properties)

·        Poor Richard’s, Diwali Gymnasium (Brown properties)

·        Dunder Mifflin Delivery Truck, Lake Wallenpaupack Party Boat, Forklift, Korean Church Van (Railroads)

·        Serenity by Jan (Electric Co.)

·        Dunder Mifflin Infinity (Waterworks)


The six unique collectible tokens, which were chosen two months ago by fans in an online poll, are the Princess Unicorn, Dwight Bobblehead, World’s Best Boss Mug, Bacon Grill, Beet, and Pam’s Candy Dish, while the board center features the entire cast of “The Office.”

MONOPOLY®: “The Office” Collector’s Edition will be available this summer at specialty retailers nationwide, including Barnes & Noble and Borders.  It will also be available online at This fan favorite is appropriate for ages 8 and older. Visit for all the game details.