Monk & Psych Are Back For The Holidays

Monk And Psych Are Back All New Friday, December 7th On USA

Pysch Photo On USA 

I love Monk and Psych.  It all started when my TiVo through no decision of my own, recorded a few million marathons of both.  Thusly, my obsession with both was born.  They are the perfect combination any time they are on.  The OCD humor of Adrian Monk and the Psychic humor of Shawn Spencer make for easily two of the funniest hours on TV.  Lucky for me, I had the opportunity to watch the Christmas-themed episodes of both this week and I think you really should tune in.  

USA’s blurb about the episode Monk and the Man Who Shot Santa tells us that Monk becomes public enemy #1 when he shoots a man dressed as Santa Claus.  He says it was self-defense but can he prove he’s the good guy and not the Grinch?  It’s a race against time as Monk calls on his trademark skills to clear his name and foil a larger criminal plot before Christmas.

That’s it in a nutshell.  Monk accidentally shoots a Santa Claus who is throwing toys off of a tall building in downtown San Francisco.  The whole city turns on Monk, he inadvertently gives away a big secret about Santa live on TV, and he has to prove to everyone that even though the holidays make him sad since Trudy died so close to them, he loves Christmas.  The team rallies around Monk when they realize he didn’t shoot Santa without reason and, thanks to Natalie and Dr. Kroger, Monk solves the case.  And the real reason behind what happened on the roof, though a bit easy to solve from the beginning of the episode, is played out with humor and Christmas cheer!

In the Psych episode, Gus’ Dad May Have Killed an Old Guy, as USA tells us, Shawn and Gus’ Christmas with the Gusters is ruined when evidence in a murder case leads the police straight to Gus’ dad.  Shawn, who finds out that Gus’ parents have always thought of him as a bad influence on their sun, must prove Gus’ dad’s innocence using his “psychic” powers to solve this ho-ho-homicide.  

Basically, while caroling with the Gusters and Mr. Spencer, Shawn and Gus find a dead neighbor who has apparently committed suicide.  Shawn believes it’s murder, so they begin investigating, which leads Juliet and Lassiter to Gus’ dad (and eventually his mom).  The reveal about the real killer isn’t as predictable as Monk’s reveal, and the payoff where Shawn details the murder is fascinating, with humor the whole time.  I’ve told everyone who will listen that there’s no chemistry like that between Shawn and Gus and I mean it.  They’re great in this episode, and both of them get a real chance to shine.  Shawn’s relationship with his dad is great, and it’s nice to see Corbin Bernsen getting a little more screen time than usual.  I loved seeing Juliet try to help Lassiter have a better Christmas season. Oh, and the credits are all Christmas-y and the theme song (one of my favorites on TV) is done with a bit of a Christmas jingle mixed in!

Tune in Friday at 9 for an all new Monk, and 10 for an all new Psych.  USA airs new episodes of both Monk and Psych in January 2008.