Men In Trees Canceled

Men In Trees Cast Photo

Source : Michael Ausiello TVGuide

If this is a harbinger of the week ahead, I may be taking off on a last-minute vacation tonight.

ABC has gone and canceled one of TV's most consistently heartwarming hours, Men in Trees.

The sad, depressing news was just confirmed to me by series creator Jenny Bicks, who says she was informed of the network's decision late last week. "I am really proud of the work we did on MIT," she tells me. "A huge thank you to our supportive fans."

Bicks believes that two years of schizophrenic scheduling ultimately did the cherished dramedy in. "I wish the show had not been moved six times and put onto two long hiatuses," she sighs. "No show could survive that."

Truer words have never been spoken.

As soul-crushing as this is, I managed to find a silver lining in all this: Viewers will get their happy ending.

Bicks and her team prepared for Trees' possible demise by shooting an alternate series-finale ending that will now be tacked onto the show's last episode, which is slated to air this summer. Trees kicks off its final run of episodes on Wednesday, May 28.