Mass Effect Infiltrator Gets More Massive With New Update


Players clamoring for more adventures in their favorite Galaxy at War will be appeased by the Mass Effect™ Infiltrator game update, which brings a slew of new features to the incredibly popular mobile game for iPhone and iPad.

Fans thirsty for more action can dive into a new mission, assuming the role of a captured Turian experiment victim escaping the clutches of the Cerberus bases’ medical bay. Want more? Depending on the in-game choices you make, your character’s scars and biotic colors will show the Galaxy if you’re good or evil, Paragon or Renegade. And, by popular demand, players can now choose manual aim or improved “tap-to-aim” controls, and unlock new mission bonuses. For those with the new iPad –Mass Effect Infiltrator is optimized for high-resolution gaming with Retina display enhancements.

With newsworthy updates like these, Mass Effect™ Infiltrator is shaping up to be the most massive game on Mobile – in so many ways. Head to the iTunes App Store to check it out.