Mass Effect 2 Launch Trailer Makes TV Debut During NFC Championship

Is there a crossover between dorky sci-fi loving gamers and NFL fans?  Apparently we think so, as the Mass Effect 2 launch trailer is getting its big-deal TV debut during the NFC Championship game between the Minnesota Vikings and New Orleans Saints this Sunday. At about 6:40 pm Eastern time, during the game’s fourth quarter, television screens all over the U.S. will be taken over for two minutes by images of blue female aliens with big breasts and other exciting scenes from the game, which comes out this Tuesday, January 26.

If this isn’t enough for you, Bioware is also hosting a “Watch the NFC Championship with BioWare” event where you can chat with the Mass Effect 2 development team as they stream live from the BioWare games room via Ustream. This is unprecedented not just because of the weird confluence of football and sci-fi, but also because the Bioware guys are Canadian, so they presumably don’t even understand our version of football. Which makes them the perfect patsies to sucker into a losing bet on the game. Participants in this event will also get to see live Mass Effect 2 gameplay streamed during halftime, and be eligible to win free BioWare goodies.

Of course, if you don’t like football or don’t even know what it is, and if you can’t wait until Sunday, you could just watch the trailer right here, right now on Because that’s how we roll. But, hey, there’s probably a big chunk of that expected 35 million viewers of the NFC game who’ve never even heard of this game yet, and that’s why EA is blowing a chunk of change to do this. Because if you want to take over the American mind, the first place you start is with the football-watchin’ Bubba Brigade. just ask the beer companies!

For more information on Mass Effect 2, visit the game’s Official Website.