Mark Salling Interview Part 1

Mark Salling Interview Part 1


I am completely obsessed with Glee – and rightfully so.  The cast is great, the musical numbers are awesome, and I laugh out loud every time I watch an episode!  I had the great opportunity to spend a good amount of time chatting with Mark Salling, Finn’s best friend and football player, Puck.  We talked a good bit about what’s coming up, this week, next week, and beyond, and more about why this show is just flat out awesome.  Keep reading for part 1 of our interview (and come back next week for Part 2)!

How did you go from a guitar teacher to starring on Glee?

I came out to Los Angeles after high school, I attended a music school, just trying to make it as a guitar player.  Did that 5 years and one of my clients told me I should get in on LA Casting.  They gave me some good advice and I found Glee that way!

What a good show to find!  It’s refreshing to see something that’s funny, that’s musical, that’s completely different than anything I’ve seen on TV.

It’s definitely new, and I think it’s pretty refreshing, so thank you!

Tell me about Puck, and what we’ll see from him going forward?

Puck reveals his desire to make it, and get out of the small town and be a star, and he shows that he’s got these aspirations even though he makes fun of the glee club, and he joins a boy band with the other adults and Finn.  They start a boy band, so it’s his avenue to meet chicks.

I know a lot of cast members have had interesting auditions – Lea totaled her car; Cory sent a tape of just him drumming on plastic buckets or something.  Any interesting audition stories?

It was unique in that it was my first audition in several years, and I decided to give the acting thing one more shot.  I was out of money, and I was going to have to pack up and move back to Dallas and it was a crazy one more shot.  I went in and auditioned.  I lied and said I was 19 (he’s a bit older).  I knew I had to have it.  I wasn’t really an actor, I just knew I couldn’t let this one go.

Have you gotten to interact much with Jane Lynch?

Oh yeah!  We’ve done quite a few things with Jane, and it’s such a struggle to keep a straight face when you’re shooting with her.

I’ve been on calls with her where I can’t keep a straight face, so I can only imagine shooting a scene!

I know, she’s a riot!  It’s really hard to pull it together when you’re working with her.  And the kids, you know, we’re all close.  The 12 of us in the Glee club.  We play games between takes.  Hang out together, outside the set, really know each other well.  It’s really become a family environment.

You’re a trained guitarist – is there a certain genre that you prefer to play?

I’ve gone through my phases.  As a music school nerd, I like to play jazz.  That allows me to improvise, and I can jam with other musicians.  Pretty much jazz.  I’m kind of a nerd that way.

My brother’s way into jazz, so I’ve grown up with that, too, so I don’t think you’re a nerd, I think it’s awesome ha!

I think so too, so good ha!

Was there a glee club in your high school?

Yeah, it was called “Espree”.  That was the glee club in my high school.

We didn’t have a fancy name.  Ours was called Show Choir ha!

Show Choir ha!

Were you involved in that?

I was so not involved in that!  It wasn’t really looked down upon.  But I was not involved personally.

That’s how mine was, too.  There were so many different cliques or whatever, that everyone did their own thing, and the show choir was left alone.  Did you play any football?

I wrestled my freshman and sophomore year.  I wasn’t one of those typical douchey jocks, but I did wrestle, and did rugby.

What I think is funny is that your cast has kind of taken over Twitter, in this whole world of everyone has a Twitter account now?  What was the Tweetpeat like?

Oh the Tweetpeat was a lot of fun!  I don’t think they should have it for every episode, honestly, ha but I think it’s good every now and then!  It got pretty, I don’t know, what’s the word, not vulgar.  I kind of pushed the envelope ha, I hope the FOX people didn’t get upset.

I think it was good for the pilot, too, since it was the third time it had aired, to get new fans or the old fans interested.  You were on the East Coast feed with Lea and Kevin, right?

Yes I was!

I love the New Kids on the Block tshirt references all over the place!

Wow, that really got such a big reaction.

It’s so funny that people continue to comment on it – so many people have said something about it!  Saying you wanted to be the 6th member.


When we were little, I wanted to know the NKOTB.  I’m not going to lie, I saw them on tour.  Last year.  Twice, whatever!

[laughs] Yeah, it was a lot of a fun.  I would do it again, but I would maybe wear a different shirt.

Is there anything you want to add for fans?

Stay tuned.  My character will hopefully become more accessible and likeable.  Thank you for being patient.

I think it’s a good thing – you start off as this douchey jock that we were talking about, and every show needs one, but they always have another layer so it’s good to see it!

I hope so!  I hope that comes out, that was my goal.  Hopefully, you’ll enjoy the music.  Feel free to download my record that I put out, if I could shamelessly plug myself.

Absolutely, please shamelessly plug!

I independently put out a record about a year and a half ago that I played all the instruments and produced myself.

Where can we find that?

It’s on ITunes.  The project is called Jericho, and it’s called Smoke Signals.