Sarah Chalke Maneater

Lifetime is once again trying to find the success they found with The Starter Wife miniseries by premiering Maneater this weekend! Last time, it was Will & Grace’s Debra Messing; this time it’s Scrubs and How I Met Your Mother star Sarah Chalke trying her hand.

The miniseries is an easy, breezy few hours of charm headed up by the fabulous Chalke in the confident lead role we haven’t seen her really play yet, and some of my favorites – Judy Greer, Leisha Hailey, and Marla Sokoloff. Sarah Chalke is the spoiled rich girl, Clarissa, who decides she’s getting married in 3 months, boyfriend or no boyfriend. What follows is a series of almost unbelievable events leading up to and following up the wedding of her dreams.

Chalke does what she does best – trying to be the every girl who is still ridiculously good looking, and who has been too unlucky in love to find the right guy (though she’s been with a bunch of wrong ones). She’s quirky and charming enough to form a solid base in reality, but the mini does devolve into a series of clichés rather quickly that it struggles hard to get over. Judy Greer is the “ugly” daughter of a plastic surgeon; Sokoloff’s characters has the hots for someone under-class; Clarissa’s mother is a fast-talking Latina woman who is still in love with her cad of a hubby. The accented ex-boyfriend is still around, wreaking all kinds of havoc. And the lead guy, Phillip Winchester is hot enough, though I could tell from a mile away that something was a little off.

It’s a fun romantic comedy that’s a little heavy on the drama, but also heavy on the fun. It’s definitely something you should get all your girlfriends together to watch, with a bottle of wine!

Premiering in two parts on Saturday, May 30 & Sunday, May 31, at 9pm ET/PT, on Lifetime Television

Photo : Lifetime