MAN VS. WILD Takes On New Zealand’s Rugged South Island

Flinging himself out of an Air Force plane and parachuting to safety is the only way Bear Grylls can land in a remote area of New Zealand’s South Island. There, he must cross the country’s highest mountain range, the 300,000 foot Southern Alps, to reach his final destination on the West Coast. An error of judgment lands him in a complex series of waterfalls, where he formulates an ingenious plan to bridge a steep, walled ravine. In a forest saturated by more than 30 feet of rain every year, Bear’s struggle to keep warm and dry for the night is relieved when he manages to start a fire in the waterlogged forest and spots an animal to hunt in the undergrowth. Around every bend, Bear faces a new challenge in the country where the only predictable thing is the terrain’s unpredictability.

— Premiering on Discovery Channel Monday, July 18 at 9PM ET/PT —

In case you didn’t catch the premiere with Jake Gyllenhaal, that episode will repeat! You can catch it Sunday July 17 at 10pm PT, Monday July 18 at 8pm PT (just prior to the new episode), and again on Friday July 22 at 8pm PT.