Making Sure You Cell Phone Doesn’t Land You In A Prison Cell

Phones are so intelligent and accessible that they have become an important fixture in your life. That’s why they call them a smartphone! Their use has evolved to the point where motorists need them in the car on any journey. Whether it’s a satellite navigational system for a portable jukebox, you can’t leave it behind. Unfortunately, cells aren’t as popular with the law as with drivers and using one can get you arrested. Because you don’t want to end up in jail, it’s worth figuring out how to use your phone in the car legally.

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Fix It Properly

Before we get into the technical stuff, let’s start with attaching it to a fixed place. Often, the fact that your cell is roaming free in the car grabs your attention more than the road. While trying to solve the problem behind the wheel, you look down for a second and you’re in trouble. The resolution is two-fold. Firstly, buy a cover that allows you to fix it to the dashboard. The best Samsung Galaxy S10e cases all have this feature as do the majority of modern covers these days. Secondly, sort it out before starting the engine to avoid fiddling around while driving.

Connect It To The Car

New cars all have Bluetooth technology that let you sync your phone with the vehicle. As far as safety goes, this is one of the best features on the market as everything comes through the stereo and the buttons are on the steering wheel. All you need to do to answer a call or skip a song is use your thumbs for their intended purpose. Headsets are good too, but they’re an extra hassle. Once a phone connects to a Bluetooth option, it will remember it and join automatically.

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Turn Up The Volume

And put the holder at eye level but not directly in front of your vision. Even when the phone is attached to a solid base and it’s connected to Bluetooth, there are problems. The main one is that you can’t hear or see the instructions when using your cell as a sat nav. Turning up the volume seems obvious yet Google Maps can mute the instructions without asking for your permission. So, it’s vital to ensure the audio is on before setting off. Putting the phone at eye level but not in your line of sight allows you to glance at the map without staring at it all of the time.

Use Airplane Mode

When a cell is in airplane mode, there is no connection to anything. As a result, people trying to contact you won’t be able to while you’re driving. Although you’ll have to wait to check your messages, at least it means there’s no need to play around with your phone. As soon as you pull over, you can take it off airplane mode or do not disturb and reply.

That way, you can bring your phone along for the ride without it getting you in trouble.