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Ben And Jack Season 5 Of Lost
Lost Season 5 Photo: Mario Perez/ABC

This time last year, I was anxiously awaiting the Season 4 premiere of LOST and thinking to myself, “Hey, they better be able to deliver on what that flash-forward promised.” Season 4 delivered on that, and then some. So when the season ended with a frozen donkey wheel, an explosion that might or might not have killed my favorite character, and a disappearing island, I had that same sense of “Hey, you better be able to deliver.” I am thrilled beyond words to say that Season 5 delivers minute after minute.

The action starts right away, with a record player and a familiar face, and leads up to the title card with a big old “oh what the…?” kind of moment. From there on, it’s one thing after the other, blowing your mind. In the first hour alone, we see familiar faces we didn’t expect to ever see again, and we get answers about where our favorite castaways ended up.

In the second hour of the premiere, the plan to get back to the island continues to come together, and I have to go on record saying that Hurley and Sayid are the best buddy cop show on TV. More familiar faces continue to pop up here and there, and the show moves quickly through exciting storyline after exciting storyline. My favorite hour two moment comes when Hurley gives a soon-to-be-classic recap of the past four seasons, basically exactly the way I describe this show to my friends. It’s brilliant.

Just when I thought they had stopped with the make-you-gasp-it’s-so-good moments, along came episode 3, which continues to answer question after question while raising a million more (would you expect anything less?). My mind has not stopped working over time since screening these episodes, and I’m sure yours will be the same way.

I can’t say anything more because the brilliance of this show is the shock value that every answer to every question offers. Just watch and enjoy and come back here to tell us what you think!


The 5th Season Of Lost Kicks Off On ABC Wednesday, January 21st at 9:00PM EST.