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Sorry for the delayed post. The local ABC station had a giant scrolling snow storm ticker so I waited to watch last nights episode until this afternoon. Let’s dive right in ๐Ÿ™‚

As in years past my rules for viewing and hypothesizing remain the same. I watched What Kate Does only once and have yet to venture out to any other theory sites for fear of being led down a different path.  This will be more of a โ€œblue-collarโ€ take on the episode and the characters and where my mind leads me. My brain has enough Lost to digest without trying to attach literary references or to go exploring Lost too far underneath the surface.  In no particular order this is what I saw while watching tonight. One last note. Since I am basically just typing my thoughts I apologize in advance for the rambling, incomplete sentences and grammar mistakes ๐Ÿ™‚

SPOILERS!!!!!! If you haven’t watched the What Kate Does and don’t want to be spoiled stop reading.

Ultrasound : IMO the biggest reveal of the episode was the date on Claire’s ultrasound – October 22nd, 2004.  The original Oceanic flight 815 crashed on September 22nd, 2004. “Same” flight. Most of the “same” travelers, but now it’s 30 days later. Hmmmmm. Why the 30 day difference?

The Baseball : Remember when Ben showed Jack the tape of the Red Sox winning the World Series to prove he had off island knowledge? Once again we get a baseball reference, that seems important, when we see Dogen playing with a baseball as Jack enters his “office”.  To me it established a time line on when Dogen was brought to the island. The baseball seemed important and familiar to Dogen as he twirled it on his desk. This suggests he is a newer island inhabitant. You’d have to be to know about baseball, right? And speaking of baseball. The 2004 World Series Started on October 23rd, 2004. One day after the new Oceanic Flight 815 touched down. Just saying ๐Ÿ™‚ Plus, we still have my ultimate baseball connection theory of the numbers ( 4 8 15 16 23 42 ) being retired New York Yankees numbers.

Infected Sayid : Obviously Sayid isn’t Sayid. When Dogen started “testing” him he became like most the people he had tortured over the years. Weak, nervous, scared and 100% not like the tough guy we know as Sayid. The Sayid not being himself idea was driven home a second time when he said he would take the pill if Jack wanted him to. I just can’t imagine pre-water dunking Sayid offering to take a pill so willingly. Where things get interesting is the idea of Sayid being “claimed” and “infected”. During the premiere I got the idea that Jacob had somehow appeared in Sayid’s body, but if that’s true why would Dogen want to poison Sayid to stop that from happening? Why would Jacob be seen as an “infection”. More on this below.

Sawyer For The Emmy : Three episodes into season 6 and Josh Holloway is bringing his acting A game. Great stuff again last night. Especially loved the dock scene. Also worth noting that Sawyer tossing his ring into the water was the second time we have seen this. Desmond tossed his engagement ring into the water as well.

Mac From Always Sunny In Philadelphia : It was good to see Aldo again. He had the privilege of having Sawyer deliver one of my favorite all-time Lost lines when Sawyer told Aldo he fell for the Wookiee Prisoner Gag. I thought it was important that Aldo said, ” don’t you remember me? Three years ago you knocked me out with a gun.” His comment establishing it is in fact 2007 on the island. Up until now we knew Jack and Co. had flashed into the future, but we weren’t exactly sure of how far they traveled. 

Dr. Ethan Goodspeed : Like Charlie, Boone and Artz before him we are seeing people who are dead on the island alive and kicking off island. It was uber creepy seeing Ethan as Claire’s Doctor and loved his ” I don’t want to stick you with needles if I don’t have to”. I’m sure I am overreacting, but no sooner then Claire says the name Aaron Ethan says, “He’s fine. Your boy just likes to move around.” Spoken Aaron could be a Aaron or Erin for either gender, but Ethan was quick to call him a boy. As I said probably reading too much into this ๐Ÿ™‚ Also, once again we see a Deja Vu like moment with Claire and Kate. Claire says Aaron and Kates expression says it all…. how do I know that name?

Good & Evil – I’m Confused : Up until last night I sort of was leaning towards Jacob being good and Man In Black/Other Locke being evil. But is it really that easy? To me there are four possible scenarios. Good vs Evil. Good vs Good. Evil vs Good. Evil vs Evil. More than ever I am confused on exactly who is good and who is evil and if either or both have to exist at the same time. The fact that Dogen wants to get the “infection” out of Sayid has me thinking. If Sayid = Jacob then why is that a bad thing to Dogen? Is Dogen trying to rid Sayid of evil? Or is Dogen trying to expel the good in Sayid by referring to it as an infection? I’m tending to believe Dogen for now which means if I still believe Sayid was taken over by Jacob I also must believe that Jacob isn’t good. For now I think I am going to toss out the terms good and evil and just look at things as if Jacob and Man In Black/Other Locke are just serving their own agendas. Not necessarily straight up evil, but not good guys either. Jacob wants to prove a world without conflict is possible and the Man In Black/Other Locke wants to get off the island. Both of them willing to do whatever it takes to reach their goals or “win” the game.

Missing Cast : As much as I loved the season premiere for focussing on everyone this week left me wondering what the rest of the cast was up to.  No Ben, Richard, Frank, Sun, Locke, Rose, Bernard, Desmond or Ilana. 

Wizard Of Oz Feeling : We all know the movie the Wizard of Oz. The tornado knocks Dorthy out and she dreams of Oz and the cast of characters she meets are based on people in her real life. Carlton and Damon have gone on record that the Losties aren’t dead , in Heaven or Hell, they are not zombies and that this isn’t a dream. Still I can’t shake off a Wizard Of Oz vibe. Our Losties are connected/connecting in the real world because they connected in a shared experience in a different time/life/universe. It would be sort of like the farmhands in the Wizard of Oz collectively realizing that they had been the Scarecrow, Lion and Tin Man in Dorthy’s dream.

My Two Cents : As I said earlier I am tossing out the idea of good vs evil for now. I think Jacob has/had one goal in mind. A giant game/test to prove that people can exist without conflict. For hundreds of years each time he has brought people to the island it has ended in conflict. Now, like a game of chess he is calculated every move to finally prove his point or win his game if you will. He knows the ending and is manipulating the game and the players to fit that ending. Everything that Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Hurley, Sayid, Jin, Ben, Locke and Co. do is being helped along by Jacob’s endgame. Jacob had to go into every one’s past to make sure they made it to the island so the game could end up the way he wanted it to. Down to every detail it’s all been thought out. Someone like Richard for instance has been allowed to become ageless because he is an essential pawn in Jacob’s endgame.  I hate to use another movie reference, but  it’s like the movie Groundhog Day with Bill Murray. Murray learns something from each encounter and each person he meets. As he relives the same day he knows the endgame he wants, but has to tweak the encounters to get his desired result. So to me Jacob is playing a giant game of trial and error, island style. He’s fitting all the pieces of the puzzle together to prove life can flourish without conflict.

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