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Hello Lost Fans –

Hard to believe it’s been 8 months since season 5 of Lost ended with a bang. Season 6 kicked off tonight and the word that best describes my initial reaction is bittersweet. I’ve grown attached to the journey and the characters so it’s hard to even think about letting go.  Like butter sliding off of pancakes slowly letting go is inevitable. Until then I am going to soak up every ounce and enjoy the ride. Okay, enough of my rambling.

As in years past my rules for viewing and hypothesizing remain the same. I watched LA X Part 1 & 2 only once and have yet to venture out to any other theory sites for fear of being led down a different path.  This will be more of a “blue-collar” take on the episode and the characters and where my mind leads me. My brain has enough Lost to digest without trying to attach literary references or to go exploring Lost too far underneath the surface.  In no particular order this is what I saw while watching tonight. One last note. Since I am basically just typing my thoughts I apologize in advance for the rambling, incomplete sentences and grammar mistakes 🙂

SPOILERS!!!!!! If you haven’t watched the premiere and don’t want to be spoiled stop reading.

The Smoke Monster Has A Face : One of the big reveals tonight. Smokey = Man In Black / Other Locke. Does make you think though. Smokey has only killed and attacked certain people. 

Home? : Curious where the Man In Black / Other Locke wants to go. Where is his home and why can’t he leave?

Smokey’s Kryptonite : On two different occasions we see people use ash spread out on the ground in rings/lines to keep smokey out. Much like the security fence there seems to be ways to keep smokey out of certain areas.

FlashBack? FlashForward? TimeTravel? We’ve been treated to all sorts of manipulations in time, but it looks like this season we will be stuck in two places ( for now ). One being the Island and the other being the “what if” scenario of the plane not crashing. Hmmmm.  Let me rephrase that because I don’t mean two alternate places or realities. How about we call it the same place told from two different perspectives. Two stories in the same Lost’verse if you will. And yes I know they showed the island underwater, but I still think the island time and the plane time are not alternate realities just different perspectives, different timelines. The cooler question is how will these perspectives interact, overlap or collide. I really love the collide part 🙂

The Flight Part 2 : The whole do over flight just screamed out to me as the basis of how to watch this season. Like a giant template for how to view the final season. Take what you know and apply it to what you see. I could just hear Carlton and Damon telling me to embrace the differences and the similarities and how they have affected the choice of resetting the Lost’verse. For example. Look back at the original flight and then compare it to the “new” flight. No Michael, Walt, Shannon, Mr. Eko, Ana Lucia or Libby this time. Desmond is on the plane. Hurley is now the luckiest guy on the planet. If memory serves it was Newton who said “to every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” How will our Losties lives change for the better or worse? Certainly our Losties couldn’t think that blowing up a bomb in 1977 wouldn’t cause future consequences? To me the most obvious change in the “what if” scenario showed Jack and Locke appearing to have switched philosophies. Jack, the man of science, says nothing is irreversible while Locke, the man of faith, states his condition is irreversible. Guessing each week we will follow one Lostie in the “what if” scenario and see how their world is better/different/worse. Kate is still on the run. Is Sawyer still a con man? Claire is pregnant, but still giving up baby for adoption? Why did Charlie want to kill himself? Did Locke lie about the walkabout or did he get to go on it this time? Why did the Stewardess only give Jack one bottle of alcohol this flight? So many questions!

Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind : I couldn’t help think of that movie and the idea of no matter how much we try at times to forget life and the people in it or even erase our minds we continue to be drawn to the same people. Probably for a reason. Desmond said it best. “See you in another life, brother.” It will be interesting to see how our Losties cross paths now that they are off the plane. Will Sawyer try to con Hurley? Will Sayid and Shannon cross paths? Will Locke take Jack up on his offer to check out his spine? Will Boone and Locke connect? How will the Losties who were not on the plane show up? No doubt cool stuff awaits.

More Others : After I got past my initial “these people look like pirates” a million questions raced through my head. How long have they been there? How did losties end up with their group – especially the kids. Who knew they were there? Are they good? What’s their endgame? Was that stewardess in on it the whole time? Why did they shoot off that flare? To alert someone? Will Other Locke just show up with Richard and sneak into the temple with some sort of trojan horse scheme.  Funny, Other Locke carrying Richard reminded me of Locke carrying the man from Tallahassee and offering him up to Richard and Company at the others camp. Interesting turn of events for Richard.

Deadwood Connection : John Hawkes shows up at the Temple. When in doubt cast everyone from Deadwood. 🙂

Other Locke Wrong : He said that John Locke was the only one who didn’t want to leave the island. Pretty sure that Rose and Bernard wanted to stay as well. 

Why Did You Hit The Bomb? : GREAT scene with Juliet and Sawyer. He asks her why she hit the bomb. Her reply. “I wanted you to be able to go home and so you never came to this damn island.” I love how much she loves Sawyer in this scene. At the same time it reaffirms this grass is greener idea that’s been with Lost since day one. Everyone wants to leave the island and get home. Why? Why can’t they be happy with what they have and where they are? For everything Sawyer and Juliet have been through they found each other on the island. Home is where the heart is – island or not. 

Ilana : She didn’t have a problem pointing her gun around on the beach, but she didn’t waste any time skipping out on going into see Jacob and gang. She knows WAY more than she is letting on. She knew not to go in with Other Locke and Ben.

Theories :

Blood On Jack : Why did Jack have blood on his neck in the plane bathroom? This was probably one of the smallest details from the episode, but my gut tells me it will be HUGE to the Lost’verse. Seemed to me to be carryover from one perspective to the other. If that is the case the mind could explode thinking of possible scenarios. Does this perspective affect the island world and vice versa? For instance if Jack saves Charlie on the plane does this alter the plane perspective and cause Desmond to disappear from the plane? Does saving Charlie also alter something on the island? Simply a coincidence that Charlie is “saved” on the plane and the next scene Juliet slips away? Doubtful because 5 plus seasons in I don’t believe in coincidence. One things for sure! Jack kept having a major Deja Vu vibe.

Richard Alpert : When fake John Locke told Richard he hadn’t seen him since he was in chains all I could think was Richard must have been a slave on the Black Rock ship. We will have to see  how that plays out?

We Should Get Coffee Sometime : We know Juliet told Sawyer she had something REALLY important to tell him and then Miles , after listening to Juliet’s grave , said it was “it worked.”  My guess is after Sawyer cleared the debris Juliet flashed from somewhere else just like Desmond did. She was responding to Sawyer thinking they were somewhere else. “We should get coffee. We can go dutch.”  What Sawyer took as rambling was actually an event that was happening somewhere else. Sounds to me like Juliet and Sawyer meet off island and that’s why she “told” Miles it worked.

Sayid & Jacob : I’m probably oversimplifying this, but I got the feeling Sayid died and was put in the healing water and was then reborn. I think the water wasn’t working because it was supposed to be working. Felt to me like Sayid was baptized  and then reborn as Jacob. Makes sense. Jacob has calculated everything to this point. Jacobs alive = working water. Jacob dead = water not working. Seemed like the water acted as some sort of life transport from Jacob to Sayid.

Ben : He’s been described as complicated, damaged, lost, abused, misunderstood and myriad of other things…… but damn after tonight it’s really hard to not call him plain old evil. Sure he acts afraid and shocked, but that’s always followed with this evil almost happy look on his face. He takes so much pleasure in chaos and pain.

Jin & Sun At The Airport : Just a guess, but I got the feeling Sun was lying when she said she didn’t speak English.

Missing Items : Where did that coffin go? Where are Locke’s knives? Unlikely, but maybe the jughead explosion only reshifted events from a certain point forward. I don’t mean from 1977 forward. More like mid-flight forward. Hmmmmm. Chew on that 🙂

LA X Episode Title : It’s Lost right? So it would be too simple to proclaim the title as just the airport code of Los Angeles ( LAX ). Got to be a deeper meaning.  My early guess? We had the Oceanic 6. Now we have or will have the LA X ( x being 10 ). The LA 10. Hmmmmmm

Hated :

Commercials : With so many dramatic moments it’s a shame ABC couldn’t find someone to sponsor the premiere so it could air commercial free. Something big and important would happen and then they would break for a commercial. I’m sure at the end of the day it had just as many commercials as any other ABC drama, but it sure seemed like every 5 minutes they cut to some momentum breaking annoying advertisement.

Loved :

Absolutely LOVED the fact that unlike some of the other season premieres in the past every character was involved in the season 6 premiere. We didn’t have to wait several episodes to see what our favorite Losties were up to. They touched on everyone right out of the gate. Brilliant IMO.

Until Next Week –


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