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Yunjim Kim Lost Finale

My first thought as the finale ended tonight was we have to wait until January 2009 for more Lost!!!!! Yikes that seems so far away.  We’re going to get a new President here in the States before we see another episode of Lost. Crazy!!! Outside of Comic Con word is Damon and Carlton are heading into the dreaded radio silence with regards to talking Lost to the press. January 2009 can’t come soon enough for this Lost fan.

With two hours of Lost to digest tonight I’m going to jump right into some random thoughts.

Random Thoughts:

What I LOVED - 

What’s The Plan Sundance :  Classic Sawyer line uttered to Jack as they approached the Orchid Station. Just love that Sawyer, but didn’t Butch and Sundance die?

Walt Photo From Lost Finale

WALT!!!!!! : Bout freaking time we got an actual Walt sighting and not just some vision or peek at him in a window. And of course Hurley offers up a great line with the “getting big dude” to Walt.  Felt bad for Walt when Hurley had to lie about Michael being alive. Here’s hoping we get to see a lot more of Walt next year.

Miles Chatting With Charlotte :  Miles was asking Charlotte about why she was leaving the island after spending so much time trying to “get back” to the island. Later she offers up to Daniel that she is staying because she is trying to find out where she was born. Still think she is Ben’s Annie although her age if off, but hey she was born on a time traveling island so anything is possible.
Ben And Locke Scene In The Orchid ( Station 6 ) : Got a chuckle out of Locke asking Ben if “this is this the magic box?” Just showed Locke still has a long way to go to be king of the island. Note to Locke there never was a magic box.  And in one last Locke and Ben moment Ben treats Locke like a child and tells him to sit down and watch the videotape about the Orchid. Had the perfect amount of the grownup is working and the child should sit down and watch the video. Classic Ben.  Did you notice Marvin Crandle still had both arms in the video… Hmmmmm I wonder if this will be the last Ben and Locke scene in Lost? Would be a shame as they work so well together. 
The Vault: Our first look at the vault ( aka the islands time machine) The video Locke was watching mentioned that the vault is next to negatively charged exotic matter. Does that mean exotic matter = alien matter? Hmmmmm. Still hoping they do not pull the outer space card and the island and its magic are man made.  We learn they are able to shift time and space at will which helps explain how Ben could know things that hadn’t happened yet. And how about Ben’s Time traveling bunnies line for a huge laugh. Speaking of, what about those bunnies? We saw bunny # 15 in the video. Is it possible that the infamous Lost #s were all along just bunny numbers that succeeded in time traveling? Hmmmmm.  If memory serves Sawyer’s bunny was #8.
PS and by the island and its magic being man made I mean man from the future, our future. 
The Kiss Part 1 : Even though I knew it was coming ( thanks to ABC and those previews) all I can say is WOW. Sawyer telling Kate the favor he wanted her to do back home and then giving her a kiss and jumping overboard so the helicopter could make it back to the freighter was brilliant.  Great freaking scene that left this viewer with Goosebumps. Although the love triangle drives me bonkers. Jack cares about Jack. Sawyer cares about Kate and Kate cares about Jack. Sawyer can’t catch a break.  
Penny And Desmond On Lost 
The Kiss Part 2 : As much as the Sawyer and Kate kiss got to me the Penny and Desmond kiss took romance to another level. Serious Goosebumps as they were reunited. Loved that her boat was called Searcher.   
Where Does That Leave Everyone:
Aaron, Kate, Ben and Jack are in Los Angeles. ( a dead Locke is as well)
Sayid and Hurley are leaving Santa Rosa for a “safer place.”
Sun Is en-route back to Korea from London.
Last we saw of them Desmond and Frank are with Penny off the island.
Daniel is in limbo not on the island or back in the states.
Sawyer, Juliet, Charlotte, Miles, Locke ( for now on island time), Rose, Bernard, Alpert, The Others and Vincnt are still on the island.
Jin, Claire and Michael are TBD ( more below)
Michael, Claire and Jin – Alive Or Dead?
Michael: I’m sure there will be a lot of debate on what Christian meant when he told Michael “you can go now” but to me it clearly says Michael is dead. My interpretation is Christian is acting as the voice of the island. Michael has repaid his island debt and he “can go now” simply means he can die. The island will let him die now and Christian was saying he can be at peace. He got Walt home and came back to help his friends and more importantly by freezing the battery allowed Aaron to get off the freighter before it blew up. My guess is the blast did in fact kill him.

Claire : We probably won’t see her for awhile ( like not much if at all next season) but still think she is alive on the island.  

Jin: Mark me down in the he is alive camp. He knew they had VERY little time and he saw the helicopter flying away. My bet is he jumped prior to the blast and next season we will see Jin and Daniel in the water and finding each other with Daniel rescuing Jin into the boat.  The big question is when the island moved “what” moved with it? Just the island or perhaps some water around it meaning Jin and Daniel could still be offshore from the moved island. 
Locke In Casket As Jeremy Bentham From Lost
Locke Is In The Coffin: Shocker, huh? It’s hard to imagine the series without Locke but my guess is season five could easily take place in 2005-2007 well before his death in 2008. Meaning on the island Locke is still alive. We still need to see Locke get off island and let the group know he is going by the alias of Jeremy Bentham.  He also has to tell them about all the bad things that have happened on the island.  Plus, we do have that whole time travel thing to deal with. Ben left the island in 2005 but wound up in the future tracking down Sayid and visiting Widmore. When the island moved perhaps it not only moved in space but also in time. This opens up some HUGE twists that could come our way next year or in season 6. And seriously, would it be a huge shock if Jack and Company don’t get back to the island until the END of season 5? Locke may be dead, but i’d bet a lot of money he’s a LONG way from not being on the show anymore. 

They All Have To Go Back To The Island :
I couldn’t help grin when Ben made a gesture that they all had to go back to the island and that included a dead Locke. The grin was me thinking of Weekend At Bernies with Jack and Ben carrying Locke around a la the movie. How will they all be drawn to go back to the island? Time for some guesswork.  Jack is obvious. He is broken and needs to go back because he now believes Locke. Kate could be persuaded I think if she somehow heard Claire was still alive. This would put Aaron back on the island as well. That would just leave Hurley and Sayid and I’m sure they could be convinced to go back and help their friends. Sayid could be lying to Hurley and the safe place could be the island. Ben could have easily said “you go get Hurley and I’ll go get Jack and Kate.” 
Time And Space : So it’s 2008 off the island, but what year is it on the island? What if the island went back in time. For example if Sayid could get back to the island and then leave the island he could return before Nadia dies. Or Hurley could return prior to winning the lottery. What if the island went back in time and the same events played out minus the 06? Does the time and space island hop erase memories? If Widmore has lost where the island is and his goons are dead who and what is doing bad things to those left on the island? Why aren’t they at peace under the reign of Locke? Did the Island go ahead in time by 10 months like Ben did? It didn’t move in space just time…hmmmmm… Lots to ponder for the next 9 months..
Checkmate Mr Eko : At least I think that’s what Hurley said while playing chess with an empty chair when Sayid came to get him.  Maybe I am hearing things because I still miss Mr Eko :( 
The Phone Call To Kate : The voice said the island needs you. You must go back before it’s too late… Jeeper Creepers Creepy!!!! 
Remembering College Radio : Talk about flash backs. Back before every gold digger was within sniffing distance of an unsigned band there was college radio. Real college radio. It was nice to get a taste of days gone past with Jack in his Jeep listening to the Pixies as he approached the funeral home. The song he was rocking to was Gouge Away.. ” Gouge away, you can gouge away, stay all day if you want to”. it perfectly fit the scene.       
Bravo To The Casting Crew Of Lost :  How great of a job did they do this year? Charlotte, Lapidus, Miles, Abbadon and Daniel. I LOVED all of them. How often does a series add so many new faces in a 4th season and have it work out so well? All I can say is Bravo casting crew. Job well done. 
My Crazy Theory Of The Night:
The island needs a protector and someone who puts the island above themselves and everyone else. It seemed tonight we saw the torch pass from Ben to John Locke. But we know Locke is dead in 2008. So who is protecting the island or needed to protect the island? How about this crazy idea. It’s Aaron.  Aaron is the new Locke. Think of a list and numbers and my Lost induced brain came up with this-
1: Ben – 3 Letters
2: John – 4 Letters
3: Aaron – 5 Letters
Absolutely I’m over thinking this but the progression of numbers fits and it’s the finale so why not have some fun with the world of Lost.
What I Didn’t Love: 
How Dare You Ask Me To Go Back :  Kate says this to Jack in extended clip from last seasons flash forward final scene,” How dare you ask me to go back, I’ve spent the last three years trying to forget all the horrible things that happened on the day we left. “ I’m going to go into this more below when I talk about Jack leaving the island. Needless to say something isn’t sitting right with me on Kate not wanting to go back. Is it so terrible that Sawyer risked his life to save hers????
Okay, Now Onto My Problem With Jack And Kate : In all of its glory the season finale did leave me head scratching a bit and not understanding the motivations of both Jack and Kate. Maybe it’s nitpicking but Jack’s now famous line of live together die alone was his credo for 99.99% of the first 4 seasons. He even left the helicopter to go get Hurley last episode. So why when they were running out of fuel did he not just put the helicopter down near he beach and go out and get fuel from the freighter? Why was he so ho-hum about Sawyer jumping overboard or the freighter being blown up? This was the same guy that would have risked his life, and did on several occasions, for the group cause. Playing devils advocate let’s say he just got so close to the finish line that he just wanted the whole thing to be over. How does that explain future Jack then? The first glimpses of him back in the real world he seems “normal”. Wouldn’t the events have started weighing on him from day one and not 2-3 years later? He does get the group to lie to protect those still on the island, but it just seemed like such a leap out of character to me for Jack to play wannabe hero for 4 seasons and then want no part of it in the seasons finale moments. Plus, yeah I get the man of science man of faith argument but c’mon… You wind up on an island via a plane crash and run into a guy you saw while running in LA ( Desmond) and then in an instant the island vanishes before your eyes and you still can’t connect any sort of miracle or greater event to those things?????? Talk about a hard sell.
The same thing could be said for Kate. Wouldn’t she be wondering if Jin was alive or if Sawyer made it back to the island? How about the fact that the island moved???? Wouldn’t that make you want to go back? Why isn’t she concerned about the rest of the 815’ers who didn’t make it home? Sayid, Jack, Hurley and Sun are all distraught, but Kate seems content at playing Mom. Just didn’t buy her extreme shift in character. Again playing devils advocate you could say she is being a protective Mom, but that wouldn’t be there day one. She had to grow into that role. Why was she so willing o start living the lie the second she hit US soil? hmmmmmmmm
Why The Locke Hate : We still need to get there don’t we? That will be a part of season 5 I’m guessing. Based on where things stand why would everyone but Jack skip Locke’s funeral? They never saw eye to eye for sure, but they were all a part of a shared event and you’d think curiousity would draw them to his funeral. And yes they disliked him, but hate enough to skip a funeral? We don’t have all the details yet and my guess is Lockes visit to each of them will explain his alias and why the 06 seem to hate Locke enough to skip his funeral.  
Why Did They Have To Lie To The World? : Is the group just going along Jack on this? Why not just expose Widmore? Why not try to find the rest of the 815 gang?  I get that someone ( Widmore) staged the plane crash but wouldn’t it be easier to say “Hey, we’re not dead and there are more survivors?” I mean Widmore already knows they are alive so why cover it up??? Isn’t their being alive proof of a coverup anyway? 
Been There Feeling : It’s late and probably a bit nit-picky but so much of the episode was payoff for things we already knew. We knew they got off the island, we knew the island was going to move, we knew they were going to lie, we knew someone was in the coffin and Locke was a popular guess all year long and we knew Sun was going to assume Jin was dead for some reason. It was like we had the answers to a test and then took the test. I suppose though that after last seasons ending felt like a giant gotcha surprise it was only natural for this season finale to feel more like a shopping list being crossed out. Plus that pesky strike didn’t help things much with all the cramming of story hey had to do.
All The Kids : Where the heck are they? 
Seat42f will be bringing all the Lost action from Comic Con this July. Until then Happy Season 4 finale.