LOST Season 4 Episode 6 The Other Woman The Seat42f Theory

Lost The Other Woman Promo Photo

Like the season 4 premiere, The Other Woman, felt a lot more like a setup episode for the following weeks then it did a classic in the series.  Most of what we learned tonight will probably play out over the next two weeks and our payoff as a viewer will be rewarded with the bread crumbs we received tonight tuning into The Other Woman.  Needless to say tonight left me with nothing but questions.

Random Thoughts:

The Other Woman – Thought the title was a nice little clever play on words. The Other Woman. Harper and Juliet were both Others and they were both the other woman in Goodwin’s life.

Ben With The Flowers – He was standing there all smiley and giddy like a schoolboy and then he handed Juliet flowers and we got our first glimpse of Ben the man. Up until this point he sort of fell into that asexual category in my book. BUT after Ben handed Juliet the flowers as she passed by to go up the steps he was TOTALLY checking out her ass as she walked into her new place.  

Lost The Other Woman Ben's Painting Photo 

You Look Just Like Her – Harper says this to Juliet when mentioning the reason she thinks Ben has a crush on Juliet. Looks like who? Did Ben have a wife? Girlfriend? Creepy thought = Juliet looks like Ben’s Mother.  Reaching it a bit = Juliet looks like a grownup Annie.  Juliet looks a lot like the person in the painting shown above that we saw in tonights episode inside Ben’s house. Is it of Juliet or the person Harper thinks Juliet looks like…. hmmmm…

Lost Goodwin Photo From The Other Woman 

Just How Old is Goodwin? Seriously, when was the last time you heard someone talk like him? In responding to Juliet after she fixed his burn he said, “Much obliged Ma’am. “  Has anyone who was born after 1940 ever uttered that phrase?  Seems like something Wyatt Earp would say and not a guy born in the 1960’s. Hmmmmm. So when WAS Goodwin born?

Goodwin Says Harper Is My Wife – Didn’t seem to say it with any real conviction did he. Sounded more like he was talking about his lab partner and not his wife.  We did learn he was sleeping on the couch for over a year. Why keep the marriage a sham? To keep a happy appearance for Othertown? Or for Ben? Or both perhaps.  Were the couples of Othertown picked? Maybe Goodwin was picked by Harper the same way Juliet was picked by Ben… hmmmmmm

How is Ben communicating with Harper? Harper told Juliet Ben told me to warn you about Charlotte and Daniel and she knew exactly what they were doing and where they were headed. How does Ben know what they are doing if he has been under lock and key? And how is he communicating with Harper? Ben as seemed to know everything about everyone since his entrance into the series. I feel that he is the master mind traveler and can come and go as he chooses with his thoughts to different times in his life. It allows him to be in a room but still be able to communicate with Harper.  If he can do this then who is his constant? Maybe we’ll find out next week 😉 And if he can pick and choose where he mind travels is that the key to the island and the hunt for Ben? Every other mind travel has seemed random.

Red Sox Tape Photo From Lost 

The Red Sox Tape – The Red Sox tape that Ben pulled from the safe to show Locke was supposedly taped over to capture the Widmore footage. Ben showed that tape to Jack after the EMP. How did Ben get video footage after the EMP?  It’s easy to say he could have mind traveled for information but so far as we know nothing comes and goes with you. How does he have video footage post EMP? and who did he get it from?

Lost Widmore Video Tape Photo 

And Speaking Of The Charles Widmore Tape –  Seemed a little too convenient to me. Sure Widmore was seen beating a guy up but have we not learned enough about Ben to realize that scene could mean anything.  Ben = liar and king of all manipulators. Still think Widmore is one of the good guys ( whatever that means) and that he was trying to get evidence in that tape for the greater good.

Goodwin’s Death –  So we find out that Ben basically left Goodwin out there long enough to get found out and killed.  Jealous much Ben? What about Ethan? Did he do something to tick Ben off? He was also left away from Othertown for an extended period of time. This also gives us insight into possibly the first real weakness Ben has… his affection for Juliet.  Guessing that weakness will be revealed and be used against him down the road.

Best Line Of The Night – Jack – “He knows where to find me.”

Jack And Juliet Kiss On Lost 

And Speaking Of Jack – We know he is off island and single and ready to mingle..with Kate… in the flash forwards. How come he isn’t with Juliet? What happens to her? They seem to be getting closer and closer each episode and shared a passionate kiss tonight. He doesn’t blink when it comes to trusting her. Is she playing him like a contestant on Survivor? Have to assume they are not together because she either is lying to him or not around in the future. My gut says she loves Jack, but something happens to her between now and the Oceanic Six getting off island. 

Lost Daniel Map 

Daniel’s Map Of The Island – Various people have been been looking for the island for an extended period of time with no luck yet somehow they have a map of the island with lots of areas marked “unknown?” How did they get a map? Who provided them with that intel. Perhaps someone on one of the many Dharma cargo drops jotted down a map?

The Tempest Station Lost Photo 

The Gas – How did Charlotte and Daniel know that Ben had used the gas before ( the purge ).  Where are they getting “old” island information? And think about it? So what if Ben gassed the island and killed everyone? Aren’t they there for either Ben or the island itself? Hmmmmm… Why would they risk their lifes to protect the group of Losties as a whole? double hmmmmmmmmmm

What Did Ben Tell Locke To Get Out Of The Basement – Best guess is he told Locke who is man on the boat was. I still think it’s Michael which would be enough of a reveal to Locke for Locke to trust Ben ( as much as you can trust Ben )

Jack Photo From LostClaire Photo From Lost 

The Losties Files… The freighter 4 and Ben and Juliet have all read all of our Losties personal files. At what point will someone point out that Claire and Jack are related.

Lost The Other Woman Photo Of Harper 

What’s In A Name? Harper Stanhope – playing the anagram game = Appear She North. Remember our good ( and missed by this viewer) friend Eko.. He said “Lift up your eyes and look north”. hmmmmmmmmm

Giant Conspiracy Of The Night Idea – What if babies can be born on the island? What if Claire had Aaron without any real complications because there isn’t a problem conceiving and delivering. Any chance Ben manipulated EVERYONE just to get Juliet to the island. Would he go so far as to find a way to kill the pregnant mothers? Doubtful, but I’m going to note my thought and see if it gains any momentum in future episodes.

Box Maker Photo From Lost 

Got To Love The Islands( Writers) Sense Of Humor – This image was in the Tempest station. Box Maker = Locke, and the image has lots of buttons. Buttons = to push. LOVE IT.  

Post your comments and let me know what you thought of The Other Woman.

Until next week.