LOST Season 4 Episode 5 The Constant The Seat42f Theory

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I’m still spinning from tonight’s episode of “Lost, The Constant,”  and I don’t say this lightly.  When all is said and done, The Constant may be the most significant episode in the series.  Leave it to a Desmond centric episode to deliver so many answers.

I’ll have more to add as the day goes on and as I digest The Constant, but for me the most relevant thing that came out of the episode is learning who can leave the island and more importantly, we may have learned who cannot leave the island and why.  I’ll also need to touch on the super cool idea of time travel being mind travel…WOW!!!!

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If we reflect back on Live Together, Die Alone (The Season 2 Finale) we know that Jack, Kate, Hurley and Sawyer were bound and gagged on the dock.  Michael and Walt were also there and about to set sail.  All six of them were away from the hatch explosion that caused an EMP.  We learned tonight that an EMP could cause some very wonky side effects when coming and going from the island if you don’t have a constant.

Simply put…If one was in close proximity when the EMP went off caused when the hatch exploded/imploded they cannot leave the island without a constant or they are “stuck”.  Presumably, if anyone was not in range they could leave the island without any side effects.

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Sayid, Sun and Jim were aboard Desmond’s boat that was heading to rescue Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Hurley.  They too were not on the island near the beach when the hatch exploded.

We need to get to the “8 Survivors” of Oceanic 815 and eventually get to the Oceanic Six.  We now know that Jack, Kate, Hurley and Sayid are four of the 6 (Oceanic Six) and also 4 of the 8.  My guess is that not being at the site of the blast areas of the EMP, Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Jin, Sun, Hureley, Sayid, Michael and Walt are immune to the comings and goings on the island.  Two of them will be the other 2 to make the Oceanic Six and 4 of them will make the total survivors 8.  (The “8 Survivors” are the lie that Jack told in the courtroom). It is also possible that the other 2 could be anyone since the “8 survivors” is based on a lie. The Oceanic Six being the important number, for now. 
Lost Mini PhotoLost Mini PhotoLost Mini PhotoLost Mini PhotoLost Mini Photo
Lost Mini PhotoLost Mini PhotoLost Mini Photo 
If my theory holds true we have 9 Losties immune to leaving the island and to get to 8, someone has to die………..hmmmmmmm….and to get to the Oceanic Six a total of 3 people from my list have to die or be said to have died……. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm…Jack tells the court that 8 people survived the flight and 6 made it off the island.  Since we know this to be untrue it is not a giant leap in the story to say 6 people could get off the island and two people could stay behind and be said to be dead in the recanting of the story. Also as I mentioned above the “Oceanic Six” are more important than the 8 or 9 in my theory. 
Maybe none of my 9 Losties who are immune in my theory will die, but I still think we will see some deaths in the faces I have pictured above to get us to the Oceanic Six.  I also think that Aaron is going to be able to get off the island “somehow” and will not be considered part of the Oceanic Six.  That would explain why Kate is with Aaron if Claire cannot leave the island due to her close proximity to the hatch explosion.
Random Thoughts:  
Frank Lapidus: At this point, he still seems like a fair guy as he wants to help out and he appears to want to do the right thing.  At the same time, I am still keeping my eye on Frank since he seems to have a hidden-end game.
Lost College Photo
Lost Ms Hawking Brother Campbell Photo 
We’ve Seen Queens College/Oxford Before: Daniel tells Desmond to find him in 1996. The shot we see of the College from The Constant is on top.  Seen it before?  Look closely at the photo of Ms Hawking and Brother Campbell.
My Crazy h20 Theory: I noticed that water played a role in all the mind travel in The Constant. Minkowski on the boat, Desmond in the in the army with the rain and when they first hit the thunderhead in the helicopter ( Cumulonimbus clouds seen during a thunderstorm   ) Desmond did his initial mind travel in this episode. Now for the crazy h20 theory. Let’s say that water does play a role in facilitating the mind travel. When Desmond goes to see Charles Widmore at the auction Widmore leaves the water running in the bathroom. Hmmmmmm. Me thinks he knows a lot more than he is letting on and maybe even left the water on to “help” or to hurt Desmond with the mind travel. Water running plus book purchases = Widmore is up to something. 
Much more later.. All the math and science stuff takes more research time.