LOST Season 4 Episode 4 Eggtown The Seat42f Theory

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Season 4 continues its strong pace with another great episode. Episode 4 – Eggtown – features a Kate centric flashforward. Chime in below in the comments to let me know what you think. Did you love it or hate it?  Where did the episode rank for you so far this season?

Let’s dive into the latest questions and my new theories.

Lost Eggtown Photo Baby Aaron 

Hi Aaron…. Might as well start with the biggest revelation of the night. Kate has a son named Aaron. Two schools of thought here. She got pregnant with Sawyer ( or someone else on island) which is possible. My guess, for now, is that her son is in fact Claire’s son Aaron. The scene outside the courtroom with Jack and Kate appeared to back up the fact it was Sawyer’s kid because Kate made mention of Jack not wanting to be around her son ( hinting at Jack avoiding Sawyer’s kid). I’m thinking it’s island Aaron and Jack’s reason for not wanting to be around him is not about Kate’s kid being Sawyer’s son but it is because of guilt. He can’t look at Aaron without thinking about Claire. Does he know that Aaron is his nephew? Possibly, but that would seem like a great carrot to reveal later down the line. If it is island Aaron where is Claire? Perhaps Jack had a hand in her death?  That would explain why Jack can’t see Aaron. He has so much guilt over why Aaron came to be with Kate that he can’t get passed it. Does that make Aaron one of the Oceanic 6? or did he get off the island another way…hmmmmm The big reveal of Aaron and the courtroom scene also explains why Kate seemed so against going back to the island in the third season finale. She was given probation by the court and she did not want to leave or lose Aaron. She may even need to protect Aaron from people who might be looking for him. Claire and Kate seem to be bonding and it’s not a giant leap to think Claire would ask Kate to look after Aaron if something should happen to her. If Jack did have a hand in Claire’s death it would add further fuel to the fire for wanting to go back to the island and helping where he can. I suppose Claire and Aaron could be in different places to protect Aaron but that wouldn’t explain Jack not wanting to be around Aaron. 

8 People survived Oceanic 815… That’s the story Jack and Kate are putting out there. We now know Jack, Kate, Hurley and Sayid are 4 of the Oceanic 6 and 4 of the 8 who survived the crash.  Quick math says that in the cover-up that Jack and Kate are telling 2 survivors must have ‘died’ on the island or at some point after the crash and in between or even during their rescue.  Which two? Is it possible that there are only 8 survivors when it is all said and done? And that two people stay behind on the island but are said to be dead to the world? More plausible is that the lie being told involved 8 people for a reason and 6 got off the island and two died ( or are ‘missing’ from the world for one reason or another). The bigger question is whose lie is the Oceanic 6 and 8 survivors? Did Jack and company make up the story to hide those that wanted to stay behind or were they told to tell those lies? hmmmmmm

Sayid, Frank and Desmond missing? A day later and they are not on the freighter. For the second week in a row the promo sort of spoils next weeks action. Based on the promo we see them flying the helicopter into a storm. Would have been fun if maybe they did land on the freighter and Regina was lying or at least we didn’t know where they were. We know the rocket was off by 31 minutes last episode so if the helicopter has not reached the freighter in a day one of two things has happened. They can’t get back to the freighter because they are taking the wrong route. Or they can get back but the “time” is off like it was with the rocket. Does time come and go at the same speed? Are they simply crossing over and it truly does take a day. Will it seem like a day on the helicopter? Or will they just feel like it took the necessary amount of time. Guessing we have that multiple of 31 again. Lots of great stuff to ponder.

The book Locke hands to Ben..Nothing happens by accident on Lost so I thought I should throw this into tonight’s batch of goodies. Locke hands Ben Philip K. Dicks book Valis. Here is the description of the book. A coterie of religious seekers forms to explore the revelatory visions of one Horselover Fat; a semi-autobiographical dialogue of PKD. The groups hermeneutical research leads to a rock musician’s estate where they confront the Messiah: a two-year old named Sophia. She confirms their suspicions that an ancient, mechanical intelligence orbiting the earth has been guiding their discoveries.

This weeks random thoughts…

Best line of the night
… Again goes to Hurley:  “You just totally Scooby-Doo’d me, didn’t you”  to Kate.

Miles….  Wants 3.2 Million dollars to say Ben is dead… Such a random number. Or is it random? Based on his talent of being able to hear the dead it seems like a long way to go for 3.2 million dollars. Just like I thought his ultimate goal was not to find Ben I think he still is up to something else and asking for the money is just a way to start or to find something or someone else and tha starts with opening a dialogue with Ben.

Eggtown Cards Photo 

Daniel and Charlotte with the deck of cards… is he having trouble with his memory? Meaning did he see the cards before she turned them over and could only remember two of them? Or did he predict what the cards were without seeing them? and if so Charlotte did not seem surprised at all. Maybe he has Desmonds gift to see the future? is this how he knew the plane crash was a fake? is this why he gets this worried look on his face when anyone suggests anything. 

Jin’s English…. Seems to be getting pretty good –  and fast. 

Kates House Lost 

Kate’s new digs. Volvo, nanny and a big house. How did she make that happen? Not to mention she is dressing and looking like someone with money. And why is she in California now? She grew up in Iowa. And why is she being tried in California when her crimes were committed in Iowa?

Another Jack Shephard? I only know this because I saw bits and pieces of the movie over the weekend but Kate’s lawyer in tonights episode was played by Shawn Doyle. Shawn Doyle was in the movie Frequency where he played a character named Jack Shepard. Cool huh? Taken a step further Frequency was a movie about being able to communicate with people in different years via an old radio… Double cool huh? and another step.. Elizabeth Mitchell was in Frequency..Crazy!!!

Christmas? Based on when they crashed and how long they have been there shouldn’t it be Christmas Day/Eve in these episodes? hmmmmm The fact that the freighter four aren’t bringing that up adds more fuel to the time difference idea on and off island.

Until next week.

PS Follow up from last week. The bracelets that Elsa and Naomi were wearing were just bracelets – for now. Damon Lindelof had this to say to EW.

Damon Lindelof : “There is no connective tissue. Sometimes a bracelet is just a bracelet. We just thought it would be a cool emotional touchstone for Sayid; Elsa’s bracelet reminds him of Naomi. But some people interpreted that, ”Is there something more there?” We might need to address that.”