LOST Season 4 Episode 2 The Seat42f Take

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Where to begin with Season 4 episode 2 ( Confirmed Dead ) of Lost. For starters I would have preferred this episode be the season premiere. Obviously they would have needed to rework some of the plot points so the timelines made sense but all of the new character introductions would have felt less forced for back-story in a two hour season premiere with last weeks episode being the second hour. Confirmed Dead was essentially 63 minutes ( minus commercials) of meeting this seasons new cast members. No real new ground was broken in terms of the mythology and again there wasn’t one ‘wow’ moment in the episode. Chime in below in the comments to let me know what you think. Did you love it or hate it?  Like this weeks or last weeks episode better?

As usual we got plenty of new questions though 🙂

Who are Helicopter Four?  The entire episode was about meeting the four new cast members ( five if you count George on the phone who sounds an awful lot like Fisher Stevens..wink wink… )

What We Know So Far:

The four team members were recruited by Matthew Abbadon and were to be under the care of Naomi. Doesn't seem like an ideal team for a snatch and grab of Ben though. Hmmmmm. Seems more like a research team or a team that could get you there and back again. See the CS Lewis idea below. 

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Ken Leung as Miles Straum: He talks to dead people. In his flashback he uses his gift to make money but also showed a conscience when he offered his client a 50% refund because the job was easier then he thought it would. Strikes me as an opportunist but not a bad guy.

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Jeremy Davies as Daniel Faraday: Physicist. Very nervous and goofy. Was in tears watching the plane wreckage footage and he didn’t know why. We don't know why either but he felt connected to the crash in some way.

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Rebecca Mader as Charlotte Staples Lewis: Anthropologist. She has a strong suspicion the plane didn’t crash as it is being reported. Again see my CS Lewis idea below ( as if her initials weren't a big enough clue )

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Jeff Fahey as Frank Lapidus: Was supposed to be the pilot of Oceanic 815. My first guess and looking at him and seeing him in his flashback was that he is or was a drunk. You don’t go from being a pilot to working in a travel shop in Bahamas that quickly unless you were fired. The flipside is perhaps their flashbacks are actually flash forwards in time. Geez, that sounds confusing just typing it but imagine if it’s still 2004 on the island and the real world is in real time ( our time 2007).  Once again see my CS Lewis idea below.

What was with the footage of Oceanic 815 being found underwater? Most likely a simulated plane crash. We all know by now that the plane broke up into two pieces and that each piece landed nowhere near each other as it was shown in the TV footage. Not to mention we saw ole Greg Grunberg ( the pilot) was ripped to shreds by 'something' on the island. 

Ben with a gun? He was able to put two kill shots into Charlotte towards the end of the episode but somehow shot Locke in the only place that would essentially create a flesh wound? ( for those keeping score at home Locke had his kidney removed and that is where Ben shot him) Not buying it one bit. Ben did not intend on killing Locke. Something bigger ( as usual) is at play. Ben manipulating Locke via Walt so that Locke would kill Naomi seems like something ‘bigger.’

Ben has a mole on their ship? He knew all about Helicopter Four? Everything about them down to their names, hometown, schooling and current occupation. How was he in contact with the mole? It has been days since he could use any sort of communications device. How long has the ship and the company behind the mission been looking for Ben for him to know that information? I’ll throw out a wild idea. How about Michael as the mole? That would be crazy with a capital C.   

Some final questions and random thoughts….

Rest of the Others and all those missing kids? Where are they? Doesn't anyone wonder where they are? Why isn't anyone asking?

The Oceanic hotline number that shows during the footage of the faux crash site actually works. Give it a try. 888-548-0034

What was with the polar bear in Tunisia?
The polar bear bones had a collar lying next to it that had the Dharma logo attached to it. The logo was for the Hydra Station which is the zoological research station. The Hydra Station was where Kate and Sawyer were encaged.  

Sayid and Juliet? Seemed like they sort of did a little bonding and had a little ‘crush’ connection on the beach?

The CS Lewis vibe? It’s been brewing but after tonight I am really starting to get a Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe type of feeling. Like our Losties stepped into a different world or the same world at a different time. Would that make Ben Aslan ☺
Craziest thought of the night? When Charlotte found the polar bear she knew to look for the collar. How? When Charlotte dropped from the tree she seemed completely giddy when she fell into the water. Why? Maybe she has seen the Dharma logo and polar bears before. Maybe she has been on the island before. But how and when?
Remember the purge? Remember Ben's childhood friend Annie and how we never saw what happened to her….. hmmmm… as I said crazy idea of the night. Maybe Charlotte is Annie…….
Annie Lost
Until next week….