LOST Season 4 Episode 12 No Place Like Home The Seat42f Theory

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If you are like me you probably feel like you just walked out of a theater at intermission of a great movie. The problem here is it’s a TWO WEEK intermission until the two hour finale so make those junior mints and Mr Pibb last.
Random Thoughts:
Everything Happens For A Reason: This is probably my favorite aspect of the show. The idea that no matter how bad things are something good can come from any situation. Look at Locke. Is he not at home on the island? How did he get there? He would not have “found” the island if his father didn’t throw him out the window. On top of that he would not be alive if he didn’t give his father the kidney. Remember Ben shot him in the side where he had the kidney taken from. All the bumps and life lessons ultimately led Locke to his home, the island. Tonight I felt that same sort of balance with Sun. If her father had not made them feel as if Jin and Sun’s only hope was starting a new life they would not have been on the island. The island where Sun and Jin were able to have a baby. The plane crash that allowed Sun to be rewarded millions of dollars to exact her revenge on her father in buying a major stake in his company.  Even better look at Sayid. He believed Nadia was dead. Had he not been on flight 815 and ultimately made into a celebrity upon his return Nadia would have never found him.  We know their time together is slipping away, but without the island and the crash they would have never had any extra time together. Makes you think… Was everything Sayid went through on the island worth the “reward” off island. I say it is.. 
Sawyer’s Exchange With Jack: When Sawyer was pressing Jack’s need to get off the island I still feel like Sawyer doesn’t “get” Jack. It’s hero complex 101. Jack doesn’t want to just get off the island. He wants to rescue everyone and get them off the island. His need to leave the island is about fulfilling his promise to save our Losties when he told them he would make sure they were rescued. Which makes me think would Jack just give up on people and return home? Would his character just suddenly change when a helicopter appeared to whisk him away? Doubtful. He was set to board the helicopter with Frank Lapidus when Sawyer reminded him Hurley was with Ben. Jack will need to rescue Hurley. So why then are only six people off the island? If we assume Jack will continue to play the hero card to the bitter end only one of two things could have happened.. ( Or a combination of both). Something happens that forces Jacks hand perhaps something catastrophic or a group of Losties will want to stay behind. Will Rose want to leave the island that cured her? Same for Locke? Sawyer has never seemed like he has been in a hurry to get off the island either. Maybe I am over thinking, but Jack seemed to composed on the plane. As if he had completed, as much as he could, his “hero” journey. I can’t see a reason Jack would get on the Helicopter unless he felt like he had done his “job”. A job that in his mind he had completed until the curveball Claire’s mom threw his way. Hmmmmmmmmmm
Jack Shepard On Lost 
Is Claire Really Dead? I’m still thinking she is not and ultimately will be the driving force in Jack wanting to go back to the island. Jack saved everyone he could and who wanted to be saved, but then learns his sister is Claire. Not saving his sister will eventually unravel our hero. But how does he find out she is alive? Hmmmmm Speaking of Claire and Jack. I know they had to give us some Lost nuggets of goodness along the way, but how great would it have been to find out Claire and Jack were brother and sister at the same time Jack found out. I did  love how Matthew Fox played that scene. He had to pretend not to know Claire as the revelation of the connection was revealed by Claire’s Mom. Great piece of acting!!!! 
Why Does Hurley Want Off The Island? We have seen what a mess his life is in the flash-forward’s and we know his past through flashbacks and the guy never seems to be as happy anywhere but the island. Why does he want to leave? Yeah I get there are bad guys trying to blow the place up, but off island Hurley pales in comparison to loveable lug we have seen with the Losties.  Does he really just want to get off the island so he can find his way back to the mental institution? Hmmmmmm