LOST Season 4 Episode 11 Cabin Fever The Seat42f Theory

Lost Cabin Fever Photo

Random Thoughts:
Who’s Your Daddy: We find out that Locke is born prematurely to his Mother, Emily, a young teenager who fancies Buddy Holly music and lipstick.. She is heading out on a date with a man twice her age when she is hit by a car and forced into an earlier than expected delivery of young John Locke. Locke’s birthday is May 30th, 1956 and his Mom, depending on her birth month, was born in either 1941 or 1940.  Dating a man twice her age would put his birth year in the 1920s. If the man twice her age is Locke’s father then it can’t be Anthony Cooper. He was not pushing 80 years old when we last saw him chained up in the Black Rock. Was John Locke conned the whole time by Anthony Cooper?  If Copper is not Locke’s real father then who is? Presuming the man Emily was set to have a date with is Locke’s real father he would be in his early thirties in 1956. Hmmmmm… Who was in their early 30’s when we saw baby Locke in 1956? How about Richard Alpert? Could he be Locke’s Dad? The other possibility is the man she was dating is NOT the father of her baby. Either way a lot of goodies to help us play the speculation game. Last but not least I’m not sure where I stand on who was in the car that struck Emily. Do we think it was her “date”?  Hmmmmmmm 

Doc Is Still Alive On The Freighter:
  We know on island time the Doc is dead because we saw him wash up on shore. However after Keamy and his crew return to the freighter in the helicopter the Doc is the first to greet the wounded. So is the island time ahead of the freighter? Or did the Helicopter return to the freighter at a different time? Either way the real word and island world are not in the same “time”. We eventually do see how the Doc is killed as Keamy slits his throat and dumps him overboard. This leads me to believe that the Doc washed up on shore via a different route then the helicopter. The helicopter leaves a second time off island and the Doc has just been killed. Yet on island the Doc has already washed up a day earlier. Can you say time travel? hmmmmmmmm. 
Michael And The Gun: Keamy wanted to shoot Michael for feeding Ben info, but once again a gun failed to go off allowing Michael to live. Two things with Michael seem obvious to me. Michael is going to start to feel immune to being killed and especially killed by a gun and in a just wait for it moment my bet is Michael will in fact one day be killed with a gun. Probably once he pays his island debt in full and probably thinking he is safe from death.
Miracle Baby:   He’s a fighter.  Baby Locke had pneumonia and infections, but fought them off.  So Locke was a fighter at birth and has been a fighter on the island? But somewhere in the middle he “lost” his way. See the Alpert test below for my theory on how he lost his way.  
Lost Locke Comic Book 
Locke Fails The Alpert Test: Richard Alpert laid out several items in front of a young John Locke and asked Locke to tell him which items belonged to Locke.  After his initial not understanding of the question John began to grab the items ( I believe some of these items actually belong to future John Locke). A comic book, some sand, a knife, a book, baseball mitt and a compass were set on the table.  Everything seemed to be fine until young John grabbed the knife at which point Richard got up and left telling John he wasn’t ready. I had two reactions. Either John purposely picked the wrong item so as to not be chosen by Alpert for his “special” school or John didn’t believe in himself to make the right choice. The result was still the same. He didn’t pass the test because of a lack of faith in himself. And I wonder if his “special” school is the island? hmmmm and how much do you love the comic cover? Hidden land!!! Great stuff. 
PS Did it remind anyone else of the movie Willow? When Willow is supposed to pick the right finger to control the universe? 
Richard Alpert Lost Photo
Richard Alpert The Ageless Wonder:  I’m sure I am going to catch flack from the Lost community, but I still don’t think Alpert is ageless or undead. Just about every theory out there has Alpert as some sort of ageless human or even a ghost and for now I completely disagree with those ideas. I think he’s flesh and bone and here’s my thinking on Mr. Richard Alpert and his ageless appearance. He is in fact the same age every time we see him, but only because we see him in different periods in time.  Geeez, that was even confusing to type. Let me explain it another way. Let’s say there’s an office building with an elevator and on the 4th floor you have Richard Alpert in his “real” life and in his real time.  When Richard goes to the 8th floor he opens the door to see John Locke being born. When he goes to the 15th floor he visits young John Locke at his home. When he goes to the 16th floor he checks in on John in High School. Open the door on the 23rd floor and he meets Ben on the island. Step out onto the 42nd floor and he meets Juliet and brings her orange juice. My guess is Alpert is traveling through time to specific dates for specific reasons. From what time and from where he is traveling I don’t know, but let’s assume for now he’s coming from the future. My thinking is he is some sort of ultimate protector for the island and he does this by selecting, finding and training the chosen ones. My belief is he is a lot more important to the mythology of Lost then we have been led to believe. A LOT more.  
Much more to come.